Best gaming chair under 150 [Detailed Buyers’ Guide]

If you’re a gamer, then you know the importance of having a comfortable gaming chair. Not only does it make your experience better while playing games, but more importantly, it keeps your spine healthy and prevents injuries from happening due to bad posture.

As gaming chairs are pretty expensive, most gamers can’t afford to buy them. Most people think you can’t find any good gaming chairs under $150, but it’s not true. Various companies offer great chairs in this price range.

If you’re looking for a budget gaming chair, then we recommend GT racing gaming chair, it is one of the best gaming chair under 150. This chair has a bucket seat design and built-in lumbar support to promote correct posture.

To help you narrow down your choice in this article, we have put the list of top 10 pc gaming chairs under 150 that will fit your budget and still give all the needed features. So without further delay, let’s start:

GTRACING- Top pick for gaming chair under 150 

Top pick

GTracing gaming chair ergonomic chair office chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • Durable metal frame for stability
  • PU leather for comfort and style
  • Adjustable height
  • Thickly padded backrest for lumbar support
  • Racing style design

This gaming chair is made of high-quality materials, including PU leather and a metal frame. The smooth PU leather provides comfort and style, while the sturdy metal frame helps to promote good seated posture and more excellent stability during longer gaming sessions.

The GTRACING gaming chair has many functions, including height adjustment, reclining, 360°swivel, and a 5-point base.

One of the most essential features of a good gaming chair is lumbar support. It helps to keep your back in a healthy position while you’re gaming, which can prevent pain and injury down the road.

THANKS TO ITS SPECIALLY DESIGNED BACKREST, the GTRACING gaming chair offers adjustable lumbar support. The curvature of the backrest follows the natural curve of your spine, providing great lumbar support for long gaming sessions.

Another important feature of a good gaming chair is comfortable padding. The GTRACING gaming chair has thick padding on both the seat and back, which makes it highly comfortable to sit in. The extra padding also helps prevent fatigue, especially after long gaming sessions.

Finally, the racing car style of this chair makes it a great addition to any game room or office. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish gaming chair, we highly recommend you get the GTRACING gaming chair.

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Good customer support
  • Comfortable thick padding on both the seat and back
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Not many color options are available
  • The armrests of the chair should be able to extend higher.

BestOffice – Best Massage gaming chair under $150

Massage chair

PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Massage PU Leather Recliner Computer Chair with Lumbar Support

BestOffice Massage PU Leather Recliner Racing Chair

  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Massage function
  • High back design
  • 90 – 135 degrees of reclining
  • 360-degree swivel rotation
  • smooth-rolling casters

This ergonomic design gaming chair is perfect for people who want a gaming chair massage feature. It comes with an adjustable headrest and padded armrest.

This pc gaming chair can protect you from many different health problems such as back pain, neck pain, etc. The massage feature is an excellent addition to this gaming chair, which is the most noticeable feature of this computer chair. It is very relaxing and can help reduce fatigue.

There is also a vibration button that you can press to activate the vibration function. The vibration function has five levels of intensity. You can use the remote control to adjust the various functions of the massage chair.

The height and width of the chair can be adjusted according to your needs. You can change the seat height from 19.5 “-23.2” inches tall. It’s perfect for those who need extra space when sitting in one position at work but don’t have much legroom elsewhere on their desks.

The high back design helps support your neck and spine while providing the necessary lumbar support cushion as well, specifically designed to keep your body healthy throughout those long hours.

This racing-style computer gaming chair is a great buy for anyone looking for a good quality modern-looking ergonomic chair that doesn’t break the bank.

  • A pretty comfortable seat cushion
  • Strong build quality
  • High back
  • A built-in footrest
  • Assembly takes time

Homall – Best budget gaming chair


Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office High Back PU Leather Chair Computer Desk Chair

Homall Computer Gaming Chair

  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-density foam
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Height-adjustable gas cylinder
  • 5-star base
  • Multi-direction wheels

The Homall gaming chair is a great choice for gamers who are looking for an affordable chair that still has excellent features.

This chair comes with a steel frame. The frame is constructed from 1.8mm thick steel, making it more sturdy and durable than many other gaming chairs on the market. This steel is also flexible enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight.

The chair also comes with a high-density shaping foam, making it comfortable to sit in for long periods. It has a tilt locking mechanism, a height-adjustable gas-spring cylinder, and a five-star base for extra stability. It also includes a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for extra comfort.

The Homall gaming chair also has a 360-degree swivel and multi-direction wheels, so you can quickly move it around your room.

It also comes with a recline function that allows you to adjust the angle of the back of the chair from between 90 to 180 degrees. This gaming chair also comes with a rocking function, which allows you to rock back and forth if you’d like, it can be activated by adjusting a knob located beneath the seat.

The Homall chair comes with a PU leather cover. This material is both comfortable and resistant to wear. The PU leather cover also makes this chair more durable, which means that users can enjoy it for a more extended period.

  • Solid Wheelbase
  • Great Back support
  • Removable Headrest pillow
  • Armrests are not padded

Devoko – Best High Back computer gaming chair under $150

High-Back chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC Computer Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Video Gaming Chair

  • Breathable Leather
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Great for long gaming sessions
  • Comes with an adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow

Devoko is a well-known brand for its high back gaming chairs. The company making furniture for many years, and they’re still going strong today with great reviews from customers who enjoy sitting in these sleek designs that are perfect to play games on. 

This particular model offers a bucket-style seat with the right amount of cushion to feel as you’re sitting in your favorite race car. It has raised sides that give it just enough padding, without being too high or uncomfortable on your thighs. 

Many users love this Devoko ergonomic gaming chair because of its lumbar cushion. it comes with an adjustable lumbar cushion so you can easily adjust the height of the cushion.

If you think the cushion is too big, simply remove it and enjoy this comfortable seating experience without any worries about back pain or discomfort.

The high curved back and breathable leather allow you to sit comfortably while maintaining a good posture without feeling the strain on your spine. Like the lumbar cushion, this gaming chair’s headrest can also be removed and replaced with another one to provide a personalized experience based on your preferences.

The 360-degree swivel and dual caster wheels make it easy to move around and get in and out of your favorite position. Also, the chair is durable and shock-resistant with an integrated metal frame.

If you’re searching for an inexpensive gaming chair with a high back style, and a bucket-style seat for around $150, Devoko ergonomic gaming chair is the best choice for you.

  • Bucket style seat
  • High curved back
  • Removable headrest
  • Breathable leather
  • The huge downside is arms are not stable

VITESSE – Best – Big and tall gaming chair under $100 

Big and Tall chair

VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Gamer Chair for Adults, 400 lbs PC Computer Chair,

VITESSE Ergonomic Chair for Adults, 400 lbs PC Computer Chair,

  • Soft and wear-resistant carbon fiber style premium PU leather.
  • Reclinable design to make you feel better.
  • 360-degree swivel for easy access to entire workspace.
  • 400 pound maximum weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble

Are you a big and tall person?

If so, we have the perfect chair for you. The VITESSE Ergonomic gaming chair is designed to hold up to 400 pounds of weight. 

Now you don’t need to worry about getting tired or uncomfortable when sitting at your desk anymore because this chair has got your back (and butt).

It’s great for people who are on the heavier side and want a sturdy seat that they can sit in all day long without worrying about it breaking. This chair will last through years of use and abuse, no matter how heavy you are.

This chair is ergonomically designed for comfort, and it comes with soft and wear-resistant carbon fiber style premium PU leather, which is extremely durable. You can rock back and forth in this chair when you press the knob beneath the seat.

  • High-quality sponge cushion
  • Within one year, you may get a free replacement or repair for any quality problem
  • Backrest recline 90 – 180 degree
  • Moving wheels is not easy

Flash Furniture X20 – Best Value gaming chair under 150 dollars

Best Value

Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair Racing Office Ergonomic Computer PC

Flash Furniture X20 Racing Office Computer PC chair

  • Padded armrests with height and width adjustments
  • Adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • Comfortable headrest and back padding
  • High back PC chair with a steel-reinforced frame for extra stability
  • Raised black casters to increase mobility.

The Flash Furniture X20 Racing Office Chair offers great value for the price. It offers good quality for what you pay.

This gaming chair has an integrated headrest and lumbar support to help you relax your back and remove muscular tiredness, while the adjustable features allow it to be adjusted for any type of user.

The reclining back on this chair can be adjusted to any angle between 87 and 145 degrees, making it perfect for taking a quick nap or just relaxing after a long gaming session.

The tilt tension knob on this chair controls the amount of resistance that you feel when tilting the chair back so that you can rock comfortably in your chair without it moving too easily.

This ergonomic racing office chair features height-adjustable pivot arms that allow users to move inward or outward, providing support as needed. The 5-star base of Flash gaming chairs with sporty casters ensures stability and mobility on any type of flooring surface.

This racing-style chair will make you feel like you are driving a sports car every time you sit down to work or for gaming. Plus, it comes in 10 colors so you can choose one that matches your gaming room.

Whether you are a gamer or just need a comfortable chair for work, the Flash Furniture X20 Racing Office Chair is a great choice.

  • Stylish look
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Strong base
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • The cushions of the Chair’s Seat are not as thick as those on other versions.

Buying Guide – for Best gaming chair under 150

The price of a gaming chair can vary greatly, and not all models are made the same. Some chairs may be cheaply made and thus won’t last as long as one that is more expensive and has better quality. Here is what you should look out for:


The most important part of a chair is proper ergonomics. When you buy a gaming chair, it should be designed so that your body gets the necessary support and relaxation.

Many gaming chairs in this price range lack good back and head support and can even cause various health problems like sciatica and carpal tunnel. That’s why it is very important to look for all the ergonomic features before purchasing.

Seat material

The best gaming chairs have very comfortable padding, which adds to the overall gaming experience. If you’re going to be sitting in your chair for hours on end, you’ll want something that is soft and won’t cause any discomfort.

Lumbar support

Another important feature of a good gaming chair is lumbar support. This will help to keep your back straight and healthy, preventing any pain or discomfort from occurring.


Having adjustable armrests is a great plus, as it will ensure that you’re comfortable no matter what size your arms are. Not all gaming chairs have this feature, so be sure to check before purchasing.


Some gaming chairs are made from high-quality materials like leather, while others are made from cheaper materials like fabric. You’ll want to choose a chair made from the highest quality material possible if you want it to last long.

Height adjustment

Adjusting the height of your chair is another crucial factor to keep in mind. If your chair isn’t the right height, you’ll find yourself slouching or having to sit uncomfortably straight. The ability to adjust the height will help you avoid this issue.

Tilt tension

Having a comfortable gaming experience can be very important, and being able to move around without causing stress on the body is important as well.

Look for gaming chairs that have adjustable tilt tension so that you can adjust how hard or easy it is to lean back in the chair directly from where you’re sitting. That way, you won’t feel like you need to lean back all the way due to ease of movement, but you can still do so if desired.

Reclining function

Another great feature to look for is the ability to recline. This is yet another way to increase your comfort level while playing games and can also help you take a quick break from time to time as needed.

Weight limit

When choosing a gaming chair under 150$, always check if it has weight limit. Some chairs have very low weight limits so before buying, make sure that your weight will not exceed this amount.


Last but certainly not least, the chair’s design will play a big role in how comfortable it is overall. You may find yourself sitting in one position for hours on end, so you’ll want something that looks good and won’t irritate your eyes after prolonged periods of staring at it.


Which is the best gaming chair under $150

GT racing gaming chair is overall best for under $150. It has all the features you would want in a good gaming chair, including lumbar support, height adjustment, armrests, ergonomic design, and many more. It’s available in black, blue, red, green and white colors with racing stripes on it.