Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody: Which one is best?

The Aeron and the Embody are two of Herman Miller’s most popular office chairs.

The main difference between embody vs aeron is that Herman Miller Embody has no lower back adjustment and Aeron offers an excellent adjustment feature.

For people who might be worried about getting stuck in the chair’s backrest, there is no need to worry as both chairs provide pretty good upper-back support when you sit upright.If you’re so skinny that you’re worried about your butt fitting in the chair, you don’t need to be.

The Embody is slightly wider than the Aeron and also has extra padding near the backrests for more cushioning on your backside.

The question is which one should you choose?

They both have their own strengths and weaknesses. We’ll explore what makes these two types of Herman Miller chairs so great and why they might be more suited for your needs than others.

Comparison based on features Aeron vs Embody

Here is the step-by-step comparison of Herman MIller to top-rated office chairs.

Seat comfort

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron chair has the perfect balance of comfort and stability. It’s upholstered in 8Z Pellicle mesh.

The mesh has a slightly firm sit, but this type of mesh offers excellent flexibility while still being firm enough for those long days at work.


On the other hand, Embody’s seat mesh is breathable and also provides excellent comfort.

Embody comes with four different layers of material that provide good flexibility. Embody has a wider seat than Herman Miller Aeron so if you’re wider in the waist, then this design may be more comfortable for you.

Because it has an ample amount of room on either side so there’s no feeling like you are sitting too tight or having to bend over too much when getting up from one position to another as well.

It has a waterfall edge design. This design makes your blood flow better to your extremities and prevents you from getting tired after sitting for long hours.


Both Chairs provide adjustable armrests. you can adjust arms in pivot, depth, and width.

The main difference between both chair’s armrests is width adjustment. Embody’s width adjustment makes it a more customizable option compared to the Herman Miller Aeron.

The arm pads on the embody are larger and come in a rectangular shape, but its arm pads are not adjustable.

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Backrest support

The Aeron and Embody have vastly different shapes and designs, even when compared side by side. This section will explore what makes each unique and how they differ from each other.

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron’s back is shorter and wider than the Embody’s longer back.

The PostureFit SL back-support of Herman Miller Aeron is the perfect solution for those who want to be comfortable while sitting at their desk.no matter what size you are or how long of a time you’ve been working there.

The technology ensures posture alignment by evenly distributing weight through its unique shape which conforms perfectly into one’s individual spine curve without putting any pressure on sensitive points.

Embody Backrest

The Embody’s backrest is narrower and taller than the Aeron’s.

The Embody Backfit will help you with your back. It is designed to put the natural curve of your back in a comfortable position. This will prevent muscle strain and make it feel better.

It has a good amount of foam padding on top that feels really nice and gives great lumbar support. Some users have an issue with its inward curve back because it can push their shoulders forward, and it’s quite uncomfortable during work.

The one important feature missing in embody is it does not come with any adjustability for the lumbar support.

This can be a major downside when it comes to spinal health and comfort as there’s no way of adjusting how much pressure your pelvis gets applied against when you’re sitting on it all day long!

The winner is Aeron in backrest support. Because Herman Miller Aeron has adjustable lumbar support which makes this chair great for different people with a wide variety of needs.


Adjustability is the true advantage of Herman Miller office chairs. Both the Aeron and Embody offer infinite adjustability, allowing you to find the perfect position for your body.

The Aeron and Embody share a lot of similarities, but when comes to adjustment they have major differences.

Herman Miller Embdy

Herman Miller Embody chair offers you the ability to adjust your seat depth from 15″ to 18.” inches, also offers arm width adjustment from 11.5″ to 21.”.

It makes embody much more suitable for different body types and postures such as tall or short individuals, pregnant women who need plenty of room in their chairs during pregnancy.

Plus their Tilt limiter allows you to limit your tilt from 92, 100, or 124 degrees.


Herman Miller Aeron is also very adjustable but it doesn’t have arm width adjustment and seat depth adjustment.

One great feature we like about Aeron is its PostureFit SL back-support provides adjustable lumbar support and Herman miller Embody doesn’t have a lumbar adjustment feature.

The most popular function of Aeron is its tilting. When you sit on the chair, you can pull it back until it is comfortable for you.

For more mobility, you can upgrade your chair to three lockable positions and a forward seat tilt option.

The tilting in Herman Miller Aeron is very fun to use and many people like it.

Material and Quality

Herman Miller is a premier provider of office chairs in the market. The Aeron and Herman miller Embody chairs exemplify their strengths.

Made in the USA with high-quality material, it means both chairs are guaranteed to be durable. The Aeron and the Embody have their own sets of unique design features that make them an excellent fit for different types of sizes.

Herman Miller Embody

The Polycarbonate surfaces in the Embody make it feel like a strong and secure choice. Herman Miller Embody is available in a variety of colors using two types of fabric on its seats that are made of 100% polyester. Its fabric is very easy to clean and very durable.


Herman Miller Aeron upholstery for the seat and back are made from 8Z Pellicle mesh, which is a relatively new technology that has been praised by many designers as being comfortable to sit without any lower or upper body pain.

We found that the build of the Herman Miller Aeron was a bit more impressive than the Embody, but both chairs are still outstanding.

Size Options


The Herman Miller Aeron chair comes in 3 different sizes for a customized, comfortable fit.      

Size A means the small size that can support 250-300 pounds.

Size B means medium and C means large frames which can support up to 350 pounds weight capacity.

Size C is designed for big people who need more space. And Size A is a small chair best for short people.


The Herman Miller Embody comes in just one size, but it’s designed to fit a wider range of people than other models like the Aeron chair which comes in small and medium, and large sizes too.

With an ingenious interface design, this ergonomic office furniture will be able to suit any body type, size.

It also comes with an impressive weight capacity of up to 300 lbs meaning it can support those who may need more space for their body and feel confined by most chairs on the market today.


They both are available in limited color options. The Herman Miller Embody is available in 10 colors. The color selection is basic, coming in either solid or two patterns that are mostly solid.

The Aeron comes in three color choices with neutral, modern designs.


Herman Miller is so confident in their product that they’re willing to let you try it for a month and return it if doesn’t work, With no restocking fees or shipping charges, these chairs are the perfect buy.

There are many factors that make these chairs unique. One of my favorite features is the 12-year warranty on all parts, which blows most other office chair warranties out of the water.

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Aeron


  • Backrest

PostureFit SL’s back-support and well-positioned tilt mechanism are both benefits of this model.

  • Comes in multiple sizes

One of the best things we like about the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is that it comes in 3 different sizes, making it easy to find a comfortable fit for your body type and posture.

  • High-Quality Material

This office chair can last for a long time without any quality concerns.


  • Armrests

Aeron provides 4way adjustable armrests, which are easy to slide up or down. but the down downside is the lack of width adjustment of armrests

  • Lack of Seat depth adjustment

One of the biggest drawbacks we notice in Aeron is the seat depth adjustment feature is missing in Aeron though it is available in Embody.

Pros and Cons of Herman Miller Embody


  • Comfortable Seat

The four different layers of seat and pixilated support system of the Embody provide excellent seat comfort.

It is more flexible than the Herman Miller Aeron. This design is more comfortable if you are wide in the waist.

  • Adjustability

Adjustment of embody is too easy. The armrests of embody are adjustable both up and down. You can change the height, tilt tension, and back angle easily.

  • Recline Lumbar Support

The backrest of Embody reclines to a comfortable angle, making it more natural and relaxed.


  • No lower back adjustment

The lack of lower back adjustment is a big drawback of Embody. Many people feel the lower back support with an Embody chair after using continue for long hours

  • Arm pads

The arm pads on Herman Miller chairs are not adjustable.


Finally done, It was hard to compare Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody because both are on the list of Best Herman Miller Office Chairs.

Both Herman Miller chairs are quite expensive but they’re long-lasting.

Many professional ergonomic experts affirm that Herman Miller makes some of the best chairs in the world, so if you’re looking for a truly comfortable office chair then these are both great options to consider.

The Aeron and Embody both offer a wide variety of physical benefits.

For those who spend all day in the office, ergonomic office chairs are a must if we want to stay pain-free.

These two high-quality chairs from Herman Miller offer great back support that aligns your spine for better posture.

While relieving pressure on sensitive areas so you can sit comfortably through long days at work without distractions like sore backs or stiff necks.

If you’re still confused about the right choice for you, if you want our recommendation, So we would choose the Herman Miller Aeron because it offers remarkable features.

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