Herman miller embody vs cosm: 2021 Comparison

After comparison of Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs aeron, now it’s time to compare cosm and embody.

There are some differences that you will find in Herman Miller Embody vs Cosm Chair. Let’s see a bit synopsis on both. So, what’s the point? The point of adjustment.

Herman Miller Embody has complete control over adjustments when it comes to the seat, armrest, or backrest.

If we look at the other side, the Cosm chair has comes with no manual adjustment feature. Although, it gives you complete support and response to your body movement that won’t make you tired.

Are we done here? No! We are not done. Do you think there is only one feature of adjustability? Indeed, no.

Every product has its features, benefits, and advantages. They both have their own. The difference lies between your needs. What type do you need?

Let’s look over this.

Brand Overview

As you know Herman Miller is the leading company of modern furniture. Herman Miller has been the iconic brand for office chairs for the past three decades.

As Embody and Cosm, chairs belong to the same brand, and the intent of these chairs are the same. When we see functions, durability, warranties, and guarantees, they are great. FULL-FLEDGED REFUND POLICY.

As said by Herman Miller, we are here to support people who are working from home and developed their office networks.

Chairs Overview

Herman Miller Embody – Best Office and Gaming chair

Herman Miller embody review

It’s the best chair for your spine. What if you think that you need something that reduces the side effects of your sitting? What if you sit on the chair and start getting pain and lose your focus on work?

If you want to get rid of such types of problems, Embody chair is still alive for you. It maintains the flow of oxygen and blood while sitting.

Oxygen helps you to think and work better. The adjustability feature helps you in maintaining the posture of your back to make you relaxed and calm.

If you compare, most of the chairs don’t allow elbow support while it has an amazing narrow back.

This amazing Embody chair is supported by plastic coils, as such, you won’t feel it, but it seems like a hammock. Although, other chairs have solid foam objects that can make you uncomfortable and fatigued while working. It’s sad though.

Everyone needs comfort and everyone is conscious about the spine. The well-tested chair has the highest score according to the research.

You can continuously work 8 to 10 hours and see how it makes you comfortable in terms of backrest and armrest. Either it is gaming or office.

Herman Miller Cosm – Stylish Design Ergonomic Chair

Herman Miller cosm review

If you need neutral support and natural balance for your body, Herman Miller Cosm fits best to your needs. It has an auto harmonic tilt that provides constant and balanced support to your body posture.

It will make you feel that you are not sitting on the chair because of its elastomeric suspension. It eliminates the gap between the seat and the back and provides support to the spine.

What if you have long hours of work and you are sitting on a regular chair? Won’t it give you pain? And you can imagine that pain can be long-lasting and have bad side effects on health.

No matter how long you work, Herman Miller Cosm will provide you constant support to your back.
It is widely created by looking at your needs and demands. It is designed by Berlin Studio 7.5. It is the first chair by Herman Miller that is automatically tilted.

Cosm is made according to your body movements after the tests of the experts. By having a great suspension material, the super-flexible frame of the chair moves with your position.

Ultimately, it provides instant and personalized comfort while you are sitting. It seems great though. How it seems to you? Let’s explore more! Elastomeric intercept suspension of the chair helps in supporting your back and prevents any spinal pain.

However, if you are sitting for long hours, it provides seamless support, and you will barely realize it after purchasing it. All in all, it is completely responsive to your body and posture.
After an overview of both chairs now let’s compare Herman miller cosm vs embody seat comfort, backrest, armrests, and durability.

Comparison based on features embody vs cosm

Herman Miller EmbodyHerman Miller Cosm
Dimensions 29.5”W x 26.5”D x 42-45”H26.7″D x 29.3″W x 51.2″H
Material Recycled MaterialMetal
Seat Height16” – 20.5”14.8” – 21.4”
Weight limit5140
Weight Capacity300 pounds350 pounds
Seat Dimensions21.25 W x 15 – 18 D 20.5 W x 15.9 D
Back Dimensions14 W x 23.5H (inches)18.25 W x 28.5 H
Distance Between Arms11.5 – 21 inches19.5 inches
Arm Height from Seat4 – 8.75 inches6.5 inches
Base Dimensions26.5 “Diameter”27
Pixelated support systemYesNo
Auto Harmonic TiltYesYes
Intercept SuspensionYesYes
Flexible FrameYesYes
Leaf ArmsYesYes
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Seat Comfort

Embody: The seat is flexible and you can use the entire seat comfortably and it’s breathable.

Embody also provide you seat depth adjustment you can set the seat up to 15 to 18 inches. If you’re someone who has need of extended legroom so it’s good for you.

Herman Miller Cosm: A chair with a mesh cover like the Cosm provides better support. Some people find it too firm and others do not.

Therefore, the chair frame can be uncomfortable. This chair won’t be suitable for those who do not like a firm seat.

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Embody: Having an amazing backrest and slimmer design, which supports your entire spinal curve. It is a great health perspective. What if you are using a regular chair and you have just bought it because it was cheaper.

Don’t you know it will leave bad effects on health later on and they will incur more cost than your regular chair? That’s the difference, Herman Miller has created Embody’s backrest design to provide you special flexibility whether you are reclined or locked into the upright position.

There is the lumbar curve that is built in the backrest, although it is not adjustable it is only embedded to provide you comfort. The adjustable system for the backrest is called as BackFit adjustment. It is specially designed for those who want to adjust their back while working or gaming.

Cosm: It has excellent backrest support. The distinctive curve of the chair provides comfortable support while you are sitting.

One thing that makes this chair different from others is frame design. which is made from a polymid it offers you great flexibility.

Last but not the least, the high back design is well-structured to provide you headrest. If you are tired and want some rest, just lean back and relax in your comfortable position. That’s amazing.


Herman Miller Embody: Some of you might be comfortable in setting your arms while working or gaming. Herman Miller Embody has an amazing feature of armrest adjustment. It can be the case that some people might feel it narrowed, so they need to adjust the armrest accordingly.

What about pads? Are you tired of hard pads? Yes, hard pads seem very uncomfortable and they can give you pain in the elbow. Think again, you are gaming and your elbow is on hard pads, will you feel good if you are getting pain with that type of hard pads?

Indeed, you won’t feel good. That’s what it is designed to make you comfortable for long hours of sitting.

Cosm: It is created like a hammock because of its sleek look, customization in terms of a person’s height, or to push a chair whenever you want. but the one problem it has, its mesh material is not enough comfortable.

Design – Your Ultimate Partner

Herman Miller  Embody

Herman miller embody design

Whether it is work or gaming, the Herman Miller Embody chair will be your partner because of its special design and characteristics. The design has been especially guided by 20 physicians and PhDs along with experts of Logitech to enhance the usability according to your needs.

The design of Herman Miller Embody is well-furnished and mimics the body needs that perfectly and amazingly features the flexible ribs and central spine. Doesn’t it seem amazing? BackFit supports the feature and your spine’s curve by providing you a balanced posture.

By working with Logitech, Herman Miller Embody has provided you something beyond the quality that ultimately fits the needs of gamers and office professionals.

You are working or gaming with your friends or family for long hours, no fatigues for sure, that’s the USP of Herman Miller Embody chair. Its because the chair is fitted with copper-fused cooling that helps in preventing the heat build-up.

Herman Miller Cosm 

Herman miller cosm design

Just sit on this chair and feel, are you sitting on the regular chair? No, you will feel something different. What you will feel? A great comfort! The great ergonomic design of the chair nicely responds to your body and movements.

It is natural balance and support though. Intercept suspension and auto harmonic tilt will give you the feel of weightlessness. What is auto harmonic tilt? The tilt provides balanced support and response to your back or posture.

You will no longer feel fatigued after having it. What is intercept suspension? The elastomeric suspension of the chair eliminates the gap between the seat and the back, which provides great support to your spine. Again, it is a health-related perspective that you should consider on.

Why Choose Herman Miller Embody or Cosm?

Durability of Chair:

Embody: that is rigorously designed by experts and physicians and tested to make sure that you will get comfortable by using it.

The material is layered with four types that give you support and flexibility while working or gaming. Having a pixelated support system distributes the support to the different areas of the chair, which can control your weight and body movements.

Are you conscious of the size? Then, don’t worry, Embody is quite wide enough to sit comfortably.

COSM: We feel a great attraction when it comes to the material of the Herman Miller Cosm chair. Nicely built with a great quality though. Herman Miller has used light materials, which results in it only 40 pounds.

It is quite less. You don’t need to pay heavy charges for the shipping. Moreover, high-end aluminum is used in the material to support its build quality. With the combination of elastomeric and polyester, the suspension mesh is nicely made. Everything is made up in the USA. It might seem great to you.

While you are purchasing the chair, what factors do you look at? Are you conscious of cost or utility? The answer may vary. You know what, if you are conscious about cost and you are not getting utility against that cost, it will leave severe consequences


Whether it is Herman Miller Embody vs Cosm chair. You have done your comparison. You have points with you. Now the decision is yours. Whether you want to go short term or you want to go long term.

What are your preferences? Are you keeping cost in mind or utility in mind?

But, think again, keeping costs can have dangerous effects on your health. If you keep health and comfort, all in all, utility in mind, we are sure you will have a great response.

You will maintain your health, no matter how long you are sitting. Just compare Herman Miller Cosm vs Embody chair again and decide as soon as possible. We are sure, you will have a nice decision that will be of great benefit to you.

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