How to Assemble Office Chair in 2022 [ 5 easy ways]

Have you ever been in a position where you needed to assemble an office chair? It can be a daunting task. There are so many pieces, and they don’t always go together correctly the first time.

The instructions often seem unclear, with vague illustrations that show nothing but a picture of the finished product. This blog post will help guide you through assembling your office chair by giving step-by-step instructions for each stage of assembly and showing pictures from start to finish.

Hopefully, this will save some confusion and frustration when it comes time for assembling your own office chair.

How to assemble an ergonomic office chair

Here is the step-by-step guide to assembling your chair.

First Step: The Unpacking

Before you get started, make sure all of the pieces are there. I found that one of the arms on my chair had not come in its own separate box inside the larger shipping box.

The arm was packed with the seat cushion and had become detached somewhere along the way during delivery.

This did not affect assembly, but it did cause some confusion until I realized it wasn’t supposed to be like that (and putting everything together could have been much easier if both parts were included).

Of course, if you find any other damage or missing parts, this is where you would need to contact customer service for either a replacement part or for help resolving other issues with your order.

Let’s begin assembling your office or gaming chair by following these steps:

Second Step: Insert the castor into the leg

Base using your palm. This will be harder than it seems, especially if you are using your hand to push on the flange instead of the smooth portion of the castor wheel.

There is nothing wrong with this method, but you might find it easier to use a tool like a crescent wrench or screwdriver handle to apply more force behind it.

Once the caster has been pushed into the leg at least halfway, make sure that you’ve still got an even amount of base on either side before pushing it all the way in until you hear/feel a small pop. That’s how you know that it has connected properly.

The base should not come apart after assembly because there are only two possible ways for this part to go together- and it does not have a left or right side.

Repeat this process for the other castor and base half. Remember that you should be pushing on the flat part of the caster, not the flange.

The flange will only allow the caster to slide into one spot within its whole so if you’re having trouble getting it in, then you might need to wiggle the castor around a little bit until you find that slot where it can connect properly. Once in place, your chair is halfway done.

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Third Step: Put the gas cylinder

After adding castor into the leg now you will need to connect the gas cylinder. It should slide right into place with a little force at first, but there are two notches it can go in, so make sure you have it slotted correctly before putting too much pressure on it.

Note that this may take a lot of force because the notch is pretty tight and doesn’t want to allow the gas cylinder through easily. Just push until you hear/feel a small pop, letting you know that it’s connected properly to one half of the base.

The gas cylinder should stay in place if you just let go of it after inserting about an inch of it into the notch, but if you’re worried that you might need some extra support, then feel free to use a rubber mallet or hand-held hammer to pound it more securely into place.

Once again, do this for both halves to complete the assembly of your chair’s base.

Fourth Step: Installing the Seat

After the base is assembled, you are now ready to put on the seat. First, make sure that all of the parts are where they should be- if not, you will need to request a replacement part or contact customer service for help.

Before it all goes together, the chair cover will need to be placed on top of the seat.

There are two steps required to get this done right. Using both hands, slide one hand under either side of the seat while pushing down with your palm on top.

This will cause it to flip over and connect with the cover, and then you will need to hold that in place while sliding your other hand between both halves of the seat to secure them together.

Take your time and make sure you’ve got it in the right spot before applying too much force or removing your hand- this is a process that should not be rushed.

You might have to try many times to get this step right, especially if you’re worried about tearing something because nothing is holding these two pieces together except gravity and friction, but once you master it, building a chair will be easier than ever.

Finally, tighten screws once two halves are properly attached. Once you have added both seat halves onto one another, firmly slide each screw into place so that they go all the way through both parts before tightening them with either a screwdriver or Allen key. Do this for both halves to finish off your chair’s seat assembly.

Fifth Step: Attach Arms

The last step to assembling your chair is to attach the armrests. Each armrest has a small tab on either side of it- slide those onto the metal bars attached to each bottom half before pushing them all together as tightly as you can.

Most chair arms have two screw holes located six inches apart but watch your chair too because it depends on your chair. Make sure that the holes are located directly in front of your elbows; they’re most effective when you can rest them on the armrests while working, so place them at a comfortable height for you.

Firmly tightening up these screws will ensure they stay in place and secure with no wiggling, but be careful not to over-tighten them because if you strip the screw, then it’s time for customer service!

Once you’ve tightened both screws properly, congratulations: Your chair is now fully assembled and ready for use.

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Most people who want to put together an office chair try it once without reading the instructions, leading to incorrect assembly or damage to the product. It is recommended that you follow the directions closely.

Following these instructions should be pretty simple for you to assemble your office chair, but if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact customer service because they’re trained professionals who love a good challenge.

Office chairs are a great investment because they can last you a long time if taken care of properly.

I hope this article offered helpful advice in assembling your new office chair.