How to fix broken office chair arm in 2022

Many of us have broken office chair arms. When this happens, the arm will be wobbly or even completely detached from the chair. 

But don’t worry, fixing a broken office chair arm is not a difficult task to do. This guide is meant to help you fix your broken office chair arm without wasting too much time or money. 

You can easily fix the broken office chair arm by using some joint compound and glue, then put them together with the arm back in place. Let it dry overnight, then sand the excess away in preparation for painting or staining it to match your desk/chair color.

If you’re not in hurry then read our complete guide it will give you all the information that is required to repair broken office chair arm.

Why office chair arm broke

The arm of an office chair typically attaches to the seat and is welded at the joint. 

A broken chair arm typically occurs when someone leans too heavily on the arm of the chair, causing it to break at the weld. 

This can also happen as a result of normal wear and tear or an accident. However, if you use the chair as intended and do not lean on the arm, your risk of breaking it is lessened.

How do I know my chair arms are broken?

The easiest way to see if your chair arm is loose or broken is to lift up on it with both hands and wiggle it back and forth. 

If there is play in the joint, then you know that both parts of the chair are loosened and need to be re-welded together.

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How to fix a broken office chair arm 

If your office chair arm break, it is likely that the metal rod that holds the two parts together has come away from the plastic. 

You should be able to simply push the rod back into place and then use a clamp to hold it in place to prevent it from coming out again. 

You might need to drill the plastic shell of the chair if it is too badly damaged, but this can also be achieved by using a large bulldog clip.

First, remove the arm from the seat by loosening the bolts with a wrench or pliers. You may need to use several different wrenches depending on what type of bolt your chair has. 

Next, you have to remove the old bushing from inside the hole where the arm attaches to the seat. 

You can do this by heating up a piece of wire and running them down inside until you feel it pop out. Then grab it with pliers and pull it up and out of the hole. 

Now, take the bushing pieces you removed from both sides and stack them on top so they fit inside one another like a tunnel with an end piece. 

Take super glue or lubricant (or both) and carefully press them together. Let them dry for about 15 minutes to fully secure them together. 

Gluing the Armrest

Heat the glue two or three times at a low temperature before using it to make sure that it’s properly mixed. After that, cover both pieces with the hot glue gun and apply pressure on them.

Make sure to clean your armrest before gluing it together. This will ensure that the glue sticks properly and doesn’t give you any problems in the future!

Now put equal amounts of resin and hardener in your mixing cup, and combine them. 

Then spread some of your mixtures on the crack and then use popsicle sticks in between each piece for leverage while drying until you have set everything back together again. After that, tightly squeeze the broken parts together.

Lastly, line up the arm “tunnel” with the seat hole. Insert your bolts back in, starting with one side, then moving across to the other side until all four bolts are tightened down snugly around the bushing.

Make sure not to over-tighten it as you mistakenly crack your chair’s seat. Now you’re done. It might be a good idea to place a piece of cardboard or small wood scrap underneath your work area to protect the floor.

Should I use metal staples to fix my broken armrest?

Yes, metal staples are the best option for fixing broken armrests.

For this, create metal staples to hold your armrest together. Metal staples help secure metal armrests together and can strengthen your repair. This method will not only keep the armrest unbroken but also ensure it lasts for years.

There are two main types of cheaper staples- wire and plastic. Each has its own set of pros and cons, but it really comes down to the thickness of your furniture fabric.

Plastic is ideal for any thin fabric less than 1/4 inch thick (such as most furniture upholstery) because they often attach more securely than standard wire staples due to their narrower staple shape, which strengthens them against bending; outwards under pressure even on thinner materials.)

However, they may occasionally not puncture through the couch fabric enough if it is thicker than 1/4 inch or has a heavy backing that prevents stapling all around evenly.

Most metal staples are made from a thin wire that is twisted and coiled to form a staple with sharp ends.

How to use it?

1. Push staples through the fabric, so they go past the broken armrest. Use an upholstery staple gun or hammer them in with a small-headed hammer if you don’t have access to one of those two tools.

If the fabric is thick, it may be difficult for your staple gun to penetrate all the way through, but it should still work fine as long as no more than half of each leg goes into the wood frame. 

Staples will hold materials together much more tightly than nails or screws because they bend when pushed into place rather than splitting the fibers apart as other fasteners would. It also means that there is less chance for the fabric to rip away from the frame during use.

2. This is a good time to inspect the frame and tighten any loose joints or screws that might have been loosened by moving the chair so much. This makes it easier to fit your new armrest over top of these parts since you can be sure they won’t interfere with its installation later.

3. Place your new armrest over the top of the frame and press it into place so that the newly installed staples hold it in place.

Final Thought

In conclusion, broken armrests are a common problem for office chairs.

This blog post has given you all the information you’ll need to know about how to fix a broken office chair arm. We hope our guide will help you to fix this problem.

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