How to Fix Sinking Office Chair ( 3 easy ways to fix)

It is tough to get any work done when sitting on a desk with a sinking office chair.

When you try to sit up straight, the chair will keep bringing you back. Sinking is the most common problem with office chairs. If your office chair keeps sinking, it means that there may be an issue with your gas cylinder.

Gas cylinders are designed to keep the seat in a fixed position and allow you to change the chair’s height. There is no need to stress out over it or start calling up friends for advice on how to fix a sinking office chair. We have done all the work for you!

This blog post will guide you step-by-step about the most common reasons why an office chair sinks, along with tips on how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up.

What causes the office chair keeps sinking

There are a few different reasons why an office chair sinks.

  • Gas Cylinder

It could be because of an issue with the gas cylinder. Gas cylinders are designed to keep the seat in a fixed position and allow you to change heights.

  • Base

Another reason is that the chair’s base is not level or it is sitting on a slippery surface.

  • You have an old model

Another possibility is that you have an old pneumatic cylinder or piston rod mechanism, in which case you might want to consider replacing them entirely when trying these fixes for sinking office chairs doesn’t work out for you.

Old models may not hold up as well as newer ones, and if this is true, then fixing it by adding even more screws or tightening up the existing ones might not be good enough. Think of replacing it with a newer model instead.

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How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to fix this sinking issue.

Method 1. Replace the Pneumatic Gas Cylinder

If you want that your desk chair doesn’t sink, then replace the cylinder is a recommended option, and it’s a permanent solution. The first step is always checking if the problem lies within the gas cylinder.

Because Gas cylinders are designed to keep the seat in a fixed position and allow you to change heights. If your office chair keeps sinking, then there’s likely an issue with your gas cylinder and not something else like worn-out screws or anything of that sort.

But before replacing that, don’t forget to read how to replace a gas cylinder in your office chair.

Method 2. Use Wd-40 to fix sinking office chair

use Wd-40 to fix sinking chair

It is essential to always check for friction while sitting on the chair. If you feel any resistance, it might be your chair’s lever. The solution may just need some lubricant. Simply spray the joints of your chair with WD-40.

Spray the underneath and around the base of your seat with WD-40, wait 15 minutes and then give it a try. This should stop the sinking office chair for a little while, but if it continues to sink, then you may need to replace that gas cylinder in your chair.

Method 3. Use PVC Pipe to stop chair’s sinking

The easiest solution to fix a sinking office chair is to use PVC pipes, it is the most cost-efficient and easy solution. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes of your time, and it will save you having to call someone over for help.

If you cannot afford a new gas cylinder, then PVP pipe might be a good option but remember this is not a permanent solution. Simply get two pieces of PVC pipe, cut the pipe just at the right size, fit the width of your chair’s backseat, then fix them in place with tacks or screws.

Measure the length

First, measure the right height you desire for your chair and how high the seat currently is.

To measure both heights, you’ll need a tape measure or ruler. Take the measurements and then cut the lengths of the PVC pipe. Make sure to leave a little extra pipe when you cut the PVC pipe so that you can wrap it in electrical tape.

Place it onto the cylinder

You have to use the electrical tape and wrap it around all of the edges of the PVC pipes. Wrap each piece, so they fit into each other, but not too tight where you can’t move them into place. These pieces should be about 1 inch taller than your desired height for your chair’s seat to rest.

Method 4. Using Jubilee Clamp

The jubilee clamp is a simple device that secures hose pipes taps, and it’s perfect for wrapping around the cylinder of your sinking chair.

To make this happen, you’ll need duct tape (which will help tighten up any leaks) and a screwdriver to repair your chair. You can simply buy this from your nearest hardware store.

1. Flip Your Chair

The next step is to turn your chair over and remove the protective plastic cover. Slide it down until you see the metallic cylinder. Now adjust the height of your chair.

2. Jubilee Clamp

Unscrew the tiny bolt from its place and wrap it around the metallic cylinder. Once you have done so, position it in the middle section. Now you’ll need to use duct tape to wrap the top part of your cylinder. By doing so, the clamp will be able to grip the chair firmly and prevent it from sinking.

3. screw clamps

Before you reattach the screw, make sure to check the desired height and fix it wherever necessary. Once finished, Move the clamp to the top of the cylinder and start to tighten it as much as you can.


After reading this blog, now you know many methods about how to fix a sinking office chair. So don’t stress too much about sinking because it’s a common problem in office chairs. You can easily fix the sinking problem by following the steps we provided in our blog post.

FAQ Frequently Asked Question:

What is a jubilee clamp?

A jubilee clamp is a type of compression fitting which is used for joining two separate parts.
They are widely used in the plumbing and engineering industry but they can also be found anywhere else where they are needed to join together two different parts, such as pipes or electrical cables.

How does a gas cylinder work?

The gas cylinder has the role of control your tension for a chair that cannot sink, so this part is very important to be replaced.
Actually, the pneumatic gas cylinder is used a lot like airbus pressure cylinders in our daily life but it uses compressed nitrogen as its source

How to use wd-40?

Using wd-40 is very easy just spray some of it on your gas cylinder and with a soft cloth clean well the area.
Check if the issue is resolved by using your new pneumatic cylinder, if not then try cleaning again but instead of wd-40 any other lubricant can be used.

Can you fix the hydraulics on an office chair?

The way to fix faulty hydraulic systems on an office chair is by replacing the hydraulic cylinders or rods and seals, new tubing for any hoses that are not in good shape, and repairing or replacing damaged valves and fittings.