How to make office chair higher [2021 guide]

The height of office chairs is the main problem among users. So instead of buying a new office chair, we have to sort out this problem.

To increase the height of the chair, loose the lever adjustment behind the chair. Make the chair according to your needed height, then tighten the lever.

If there is a string or strand, you can adjust the chair by rotating in a clockwise direction. However, if the chair is not offering height according to your need, making the office chair higher with other methods is possible.

We have made a complete guide about how to make office chair higher.

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why adjusting the chair’s height is important

An office chair is joyful when it is at the right height. It gives you comfort and puts a stop to any health problems.

If you’re a taller person and sitting on a chair which height is not according to your need, this is a sign of bad posture, and after some time, you will suffer from chronic pain like pain in the back, head, or spinal.

Short people might experience the same problem, especially if your chair height is higher. However, your feet do not lie on the floor when you sit. This is the reason why your legs start hurting after long hours of sitting.

This is the basic information we all have to know about why making a chair higher is essential. Now follow our step-by-step guide. This article will explain each method you can apply to your chair to make it higher.

Note: There are different types of chairs that can be adjusted in a different processes. We can make adjustments according to the type of chair.

Step-by-step guide about How to make office chair higher

Determine office chair’s height

how to measure the height sitting on chair

You have to determine the height of the chair. Sit on the chair and measure the height that how much you needed to increase the size.

Measure the height while you are sitting at an angle of 90, and your feet are perpendicular to the earth. If your knees are less than 90 angles, it means your chair is too low for desk. Also, keep in mind the chair is not too high by setting with the lever. The chair’s height is just like the height of the table in such a way that your arms are parallel to the desk.

Latest guide about : How to adjust office chair seat angle

Adjustment of Chair

After reading the above steps, you get to know how much you need height for a chair to sit comfortably. Just check the type and the required size and adjust it accordingly.

Use the Lever

Make office chair higher using lever

This is the most crucial part for adjusting the chair that uses a gas lift cylinder. You can easily increase the height by setting the lever up, set the height, and again tight the lever.

Others Methods: How to raise office chair without lever

If you want to adjust the height of a chair without using any lever, you can follow the below methods for getting desired height. It includes using an extra pillow, gas cylinder, extension kit, replacement of wheels, pieces of wood, etc. Here are some of them.

Use of Gas Lift Cylinders

gas lift cylinder for office chair

Office chair gas lift cylinder will tell you that how much your chair will go to height. These gas lift cylinders are about 5 inches. We can increase the height by replacing these cylinder lifts with longer lifts.

We can get the best height if we use a gas lift cylinder of more than 5 inches. A gas lift cylinder with 8 inches will give you the best height.

Note: Here is the guide on how to remove gas cylinder and replace it.

Replacement of wheels

how to raise office chair without lever

Another way to adjust the height of a chair is the replacement of casters. The chair’s wheels are so small so that you can change the bigger one. A special type of wheels that not only give height but also smooth. It also prevents dirt.

Replacement of wheels is not so tough, and it can be changed without using any tool. You can only place them by using a steel nail on these wheels.

By using an pillow

comfortable u style pillow for office chair

The perfect and easy way to set the height of your chair, you place a pillow there. The pad not only increases the height but also increases your comfort.

The cushion for the chair may be in U shape or O shape because it reduces the pressure and relieves pain.

Using a chair extension kit

use extension for raising chair height

Another way to increase the height of a chair is by using an office chair height extension kit. You can use a chair extension kit in which there are some tools regarding the setting of the chair. Follow the instructions on the envelope present in the box and use it carefully. You can order this kit from Amazon. These kits are easy to use.

You have to remove the wheels and all pins and nails, remove them from the base and lightly fix the kit, and tight it. There are some more steps of fitting this kit, it depends upon the design of the chair.

Once you set the kit, again set the wheels, and you are done

By using wood pieces

You can raise the height of the chair by using another method, that is, by adding wood pieces under the chair’s wheels. This is an easy method, but you have some skills for it to get comfortable sitting.

Change the direction of the chair in such a way that its seat facing downward direction and wheels are in the upward direction. Remove the mechanism of the chair by using a screw. Mark the size of the wood that is required. It is about 2×2 inches.

Now cut the wood pieces and drill the holes in them so that they can be adjustable. After that, attach the wood pieces and mechanism in such a way it is under control. These pieces of wood will increase the height of the chair a little bit.

Note: Make sure you have put the wooden pieces between the seat and the lower part of the chair. Then sit down, you will notice that it is raised to the exact correct height.

By adding a platform under the chair

Use platform to increase height of chair

By increasing the height of the chair, we have another easy method. By adding any platform under your chair will improve your chair’s height.

It can be done without making any change to the mechanism of the chair. This platform can be a piece of wood or any other solid object. To prevent your chair from spinning, lock the wheels with this solid platform.

Get a Big Chair

When your chair is too small, the technique of increasing its height may not work. You could discover a solution, but it isn’t always feasible. As a result, you’ll need to invest in a big office chair that is according to your height.


We hope our article helped you know about how to make an office chair higher and how essential it is for you. So never compromised on sitting posture because a better sitting posture will prevent you from back pain or chronic pain.

Health experts recommend taking short breaks instead of long ones since it prevents your muscles from getting strained and gives the rest of your body a chance to rest.

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