How to remove hair from office chair wheels: 6 ways

Many people do not realize that how much the wheels contribute to how smoothly your office chair rolls. Hairs and other matter that collects on the wheels can make it difficult for them to move smoothly.

This is a common issue, don’t worry, you are not alone. That’s happening because many of us don’t clean our office chair wheels. Many people ask how to remove hair from office chair wheels, the simple answer is to use Duct tape and apply lubricant on the metal parts of your office chair wheels.

If you want to know in detail then read out our blog post till the end. We will guide you step by step that how you can remove hair from office chair wheels.

Let’s start

For easy cleaning, take off the casters from your chair

You may be wondering how you’re supposed to remove the hair and how casters can be helpful in this process.

The caster typically has a screw somewhere near its base screwing it into the back of the chair allowing you to take off each wheel when dirt accumulates around them.

This is important because if dirt or other matter gets caught on your office chair wheels, you won’t be able to roll it smoothly across different surfaces. This is how casters are helpful with cleaning because all you need to do is take each wheel off.

If there’s too much hair or dirt on the wheel itself, you can just unscrew the caster from the base of the chair and clean them separately. Most people find this process is easy as long as they have a screwdriver.

Have we done here? Now comes to step by step guide to remove hair from office chair wheels

Use finger to remove hair from chair wheels

Using your finger is the first way without a tool to remove hair from chair wheels. It is quick, much easier, and most importantly does not entail the use of an extra item or utensil.

  • With your finger, rub the area where you see a clump of hair stuck on the wheels.
  • Continue rubbing that area until the hair is off. Repeat for other areas as necessary. Stack multiple strands if need be (one after the other). If two spots are close together, it’s OK to do both at once.

There are two main benefits of doing this over non-finger methods (below):

  • It is much easier to do
  • There is significantly less risk of injury. The larger surface area provided by your finger allows for more strength to be applied in a shorter amount of time with greater safety.

Use Duct Tape to remove hair from the chair wheel.

Contrary to what most people may think, using duct tape is one of the easiest ways to remove hair from office chair wheels.

Here are the steps:

  • Pry off a small piece of duct tape and stick it on your finger
  • Press your finger onto the chair’s wheel where some hairs stuck, make sure that you can feel some tension;
  • Carefully remove your finger while pressing down on the duct tape; then lift up so as not to pull out any hairs while removing your finger slowly altogether from the chair’s wheel area.
  • Once the hair is detached from the wheel, carefully remove the duct tape without peeling off any hairs.
  • Repeat this step for every area of the chair that still has hair attached to it.

How Does Duct Tape Work?

The effectiveness of duct tape in removing hair from office chair wheels lies in its well-built adhesive quality that allows you to peel back and slowly reveal what is beneath it.

It can be used on a large scale as opposed to using your hands because it leaves no mess at all and works perfectly in leaving nothing behind, not even a single strand of hair since you are able to pull everything out while applying an even amount of pressure consistently throughout each use.

Use Tweezers

Sometimes duct tape removes the huge chunk of the hair, but still, you might find few little pieces of loose hair hanging around.

Just use some tweezers and a little bit of elbow grease to get them off. tweezers are nice for removing those little hairs that are stuck in the wheels.

Use Fire/Heat

Another way to remove hair from office chair wheels is Fire/heat. Heat usually burns the hair and is highly effective. The hair that is on the wheel can get burnt easily.

Now what kind of flames you should use?

To burn the hair use a heat gun or use a lighter.

For this how long should it be applied?

If the present hair is thick then maybe it takes almost 45 seconds. This is how long a heat gun should be applied but we advise you to be careful don’t heat the gun too much in one place because it can break the plastic parts of your wheels.

Use Soap and Water

Once you have removed the hair from your chair wheels, now begins a new set of problems.

You’ll find that there are small pieces of debris left on the wheel and they need to be scrubbed off with soapy water before being rinsed clean! Be sure to give each one an extensive cleaning.

Apply Lubricant

After cleaning the wheels now it’s important things come here to dry them to prevent rust on the metal parts of the casters.

You have to use lubricant on the metal part of your chair wheels. Because the use of lubricant on casters is recommended to reduce friction and increase smoothness.

But one thing to keep in mind is to Avoid applying lubricant on the part of the chair that touches the ground, as it reduces friction and makes rolling difficult.

Now your chair wheels are clean and ready to help you do things quickly.

There are some lubricants available in the market of two main types:

  1. Silicone-based: it is good but expensive.
  2. Motor oil: It is cheap and easy to get, but not as durable as silicone.

The choice is yours how much effort and money you’re willing to put into taking care of your chair.

Choosing and Buying Replacements casters

It is important to purchase office chair replacement wheels that are designed for the exact same size and model of the caster as the original.

Most of the casters come with between 2 to 2.5 inches wheels. You can generally order replacement casters from Amazon the best that fits all is universal caster wheels.

How to change casters?

The first step in how to replace an office chair caster is removing the old one.

First, make sure that all four legs are fully extended and locked into place. If not, extend them now by pushing down on each leg’s adjustment lever until it sits securely against the base of the wheel cover.

Next, unscrew or loosen the bolts around the outside edge of your chair wheel covers with a screwdriver or nut driver so they can be removed without damaging any of your furniture or walls.

How can I make my office chair wheels roll better?

It is important to keep your office chair wheels clean.

They are far less likely to become clogged with dirt and debris when you have cleaned them regularly. In addition, consider adding lubricant to the wheels of your ergonomic chair on a regular basis so that they roll easily across any surface without causing damage or wear.

If you want your chair to roll even better on your hardwood floors or carpeted office, you should consider purchasing a set of smooth caster wheels. This type of wheel is designed especially for hardwood and other smooth surfaces without the bumps that can slow your chair down significantly.


I hope you like our step-by-step guide about how to remove hair from office chair wheels and how you can remove casters. In the end here are some guidelines we want to share with you.

Instead of buying a new office chair, it’s good to replace the caster wheels of your chair, but one important thing to keep in mind when replacing the caster is size.

The right size is essential that’s why we recommend you to buy universal caster wheels because it fits the most office chairs.

If you don’t want to face this problem again then clean the wheels of your office chair after every two months to prevent this from dirt or hair.

You can use lubricant after re-attaching a new wheel that is designed for the same size as the original in order to reduce friction and increase smoothness while rolling smoothly across different surfaces like carpet or tile floor.

What are the reasons that office chair wheels collect hair?

Hairs collect on home chairs for a few different reasons. Sometimes it is because the wheels are not cleaned properly and there is hair in between the wheel and the floor.
Other times, people might just push their chair over to their desk without removing all of their hairs from the wheels first.
This can also happen if someone’s arm brushes up against them while they’re trying to reach something on top of a shelf or table.
Finally, an ergonomic chair may collect hair when it gets old because its rubber material starts to break down and release oils that attract more dirt and dust.

Are Maintaining office chair casters are difficult?

Usually, these casters will not require any type of special maintenance or care beyond simple cleaning regularly.
However, because they roll on a hard surface every day, they may start to collect dirt over time.
This is especially true if you do not clean the caster wheel properly before rolling on top of an uncleaned surface at work or at home; this can cause debris such as hair and dust to stick onto the wheel, which can become difficult for you to remove.

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