How to remove office chair cylinder: complete guide

Office chairs are a great way to get comfortable at your desk, but after years of regular use, the parts in an office chair will wear out and become uncomfortable or even dangerous for you. Then mostly your chair will sink when you sit down. This means that your cylinder has failed and needs replacement or repair.

The most common reason for an office chair’s cylinder to fail is due to seal damage. Seals are responsible for keeping the cylinder’s air pressure constant. If they fail to keep this pressure stable, your chair will start to sink.

If you’re facing these issues, you don’t have to buy a new office chair. You just have to remove the older cylinder from office chair which is not working and replace it with a new one.

Replacement of the new gas lift is an easy task, but when it comes to removing the cylinder from the office chair, this is the hardest part.

You don’t have to worry about it. Check out our guide to learn how to remove cylinder from office chair. You can easily do it by yourself just follow our guide step by step.

Which Tools & Items required?

Here are the tools you will need.

Office chair gas cylinder removal tools

  • A Rubber Mallet
  • Gloves ‘that protect your hands
  • WD40: Generally necessary for older chairs and where it is difficult to remove parts.
  • A large pipe wrench or a screwdriver: Both tools help loosen, tighten, or reposition all kinds of nuts, bolts, screws, chassis, and mechanical caps.

Here are some steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Protect the workplace.

The first important step in the process is to place a cloth on the floor where the cylinder will drop because it will avoid stains on your floor. Do this job on a smooth surface because it will save your chair from scratch.

Note: Make sure you have to wear rubber gloves to prevent any damage to your hands.

Step 2: Remove Office Chair Cylinder

Firstly you have required a pipe wrench to start removing the cylinder.
Now secure the pipe wrench around the cylinder tightly and twist it until it becomes loose.

If you don’t have a pipe wrench, so don’t worry about it, you can remove the cylinder from the office chair without a pipe wrench. In the absence of a pipe wrench, you can remove the chair mechanism by unscrewing the main four bolts connected to the top of the chair.

Step 3: Remove office chair cylinder from base

To remove the cylinder from the base, simply put the base on its side, then turn it upside down.

Note: Keep your feet at a reasonable distance from the cylinder and make sure the floor and the surface are protected. 

Is your office chair cylinder stuck in the base?

office chair cylinder stuck in base

You can use a rubber mallet to remove the cylinder from the base.

If you have any difficulty removing the cylinder with a rubber mallet, you can use a hammer. However, you should be aware that a hammer could damage your cylinder.

If you’re worried about using a hammer or using it even though this method doesn’t work, another option is available. You just need a WD-40. It makes it easier to remove.

Just spray it with WD-40 where the cylinder meets the mechanism, and leave it for a few minutes before trying again.

Step 4: Replacement of office chair gas cylinder.

How to replace an office chair cylinder from base

Now you have successfully removed the faulty cylinder, and the next step is to replace an office chair cylinder into the base.

This is the easy method in comparison to removing the gas cylinder. First, insert your cylinder into the bottom of the chair’s base, press it, and then carefully lift them into the mechanism.

Note: please make sure about cylinder position, it should be straight.

In the last step, place the seat in an upright position, then sit down on your chair. This will allow all parts to be positioned correctly.

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Thinks you have to keep in mind when  buying an Office Chair Cylinder

After removing the faulty cylinder, there is one important thing left: buying a new gas lift cylinder for your chair. Gas lift cylinders look similar at first glance, but there are some specific differences among specifications.

Before buying a new cylinder, you need to know about strokes. Which quality is best among cylinders? And how to measure the cylinder because the size of cylinders is not indicated on the chair.

1. Measuring cylinder

Measure the cylinder from top to bottom. It shows the length of the cylinder.

Make sure you do not measure the piston rod since we do not use it at all.

2. Build quality

The material used to make the gas lift cylinder is also essential since it affects its durability and quality. There are various grades of gas lift cylinders, but Class 4 is the highest quality. Class 4 gas lift cylinders are constructed of heavy-duty steel and hard plastic to ensure maximum durability.

If you buy from a local seller shop, make sure about its size and quality.

3. Amount of stroke

Gas lift cylinders usually have a stroke of 5 inches. This means that the chair rises from the lowest point to 5 inches upwards. Your office chair’s stroke determines your comfort, so you need to choose the right one for you.

If you buy too short, then you will not be able to adjust the chair’s height to your liking. This is why you should buy that one which has the same height as your old cylinder.


If you follow each step properly you can successfully replace the cylinder without any problem. Keep these steps in mind before starting the project, or better yet, get help from professionals, or if you have any querie you can contact us. We hope our guide about how to remove office cylinder will solve your problem.


How to determine the stroke of your Chair gas cylinder?

The easiest way is to take some measurements. Start by lowering your chair all the way down, then move it toward a wall. Then, mark the wall using the top of your back.
Now lift your office chair to its full height and mark the new position of its back. When you’ve taken these measurements, you can easily select the correct gas cylinder for your chair.

What is the most common cause of a cylinder being stuck?

A cylinder may become stuck in its base if there is wear and tear, or it has been left with debris from the floor.

How to select the right size of the cylinder that I need?

You can select a gas lift cylinder based on your chair’s function

What kind of gas lift cylinder will fit my chair?

The amount of stroke determines your comfort level, so you need to choose a chair that has the same height as yours. Measure from the lowest point to its maximum height, then choose the same amount of stroke cylinder.