How to sit in office chair during pregnancy in 2022

You should pay more attention to your sitting posture during pregnancy. Science has proved that Sitting in one position for a long time is harmful.

For working mothers, pregnancy is a difficult period. You have to sit in the office for a few hours, If they do not adopt the correct posture, this may put your child in danger. Therefore, women must sit in the proper position in the office chair during pregnancy. Not only women but men also need to know this and let their wives know.

If you don’t know how to sit in office chair during pregnancy, this article is for you. In this guide, we covered everything related to sitting in an office chair during pregnancy.

This time, you need to be polite when sitting in an office chair. First, let’s find some correct sitting postures for pregnant women.

Best sitting position

Remember to choose a sitting position to reduce the pressure on the spine. A neutral posture is the most suitable sitting posture during pregnancy.

To do this, you must: Keep your back straight, Swing your shoulders back, your hips firmly on the chair seat, and your feet on the floor.

It would help if you were forming a 90-degree angle between your knees and hips. You can also put your hands on the armrests for greater flexibility.

Lumbar support

how to sleep in office chair

The proper lumbar support is also constructive during pregnancy. When your wood has enough support, it will reduce the pressure on your back.

It will increase your comfort, and you can put a pillow on your back. The rolled towel can also support your lower back. During this time, the center of gravity of your body will be different because the uterus takes a lot of space in your body. Lumbar support reduces stress and provides you with the comfort you need.

Correct sitting posture during pregnancy

As you know, sitting in the wrong position on an office chair can be harmful for long periods. Therefore, it is necessary to know the three most suitable sitting places for pregnant women to sit on an office chair.

When you know the most convenient location, you feel uncomfortable with that location and want to change it. Therefore, the appropriate posture is very crucial. Health experts recommend taking short breaks instead of long ones since it prevents your muscles from getting strained and gives the rest of your body a chance to rest.

Try to Sitting on the edge of the chair.

Sitting on the chair’s edge during this time can give you a little more comfort. This position is safe for pregnant women. In this sitting position, the seat can only support half of your hips.

Please put your hips in front of the chair seat. For your feet to maintain weight, keeping your body upright helps to keep your body upright and ensure that you have put your feet firmly on the floor.

It may be excellent if you also kept your pelvis open and your feet relaxed.

Try To sitting on the back of a chair.

You can also sit in a chair position. This sitting position is perfect for providing all the support needed by pregnant women. In this position, you should sit with your hips on the seat of the chair.

Support your hips on the chair so you can reach the back of the chair. The complete contact between the back and the back of the chair provides excellent support. When your legs lose pressure, you will feel more comfortable.

Use a Cushion

seat cushion for pregnany

Long-term use of a hard cushion sitting pillow can cause many health problems, especially when pregnant. Unfortunately, most of the seats we sit in are not very comfortable; they are not designed to support your body.

They squeeze your hips, put pressure on your legs, change your posture, and make you faint. To avoid all problems, you need a soft pillow.

Moreover, when there is no other way out, office chairs are still necessary, and the use of seat cushions can create miracles.

correct way of sitting posture during pregnancy

It can provide many health benefits, such as it helps to avoid body pain and stiffness. There will be less pressure on the hip joint, and if your spine and joints are intact, It restricts blood flow to the pelvis and legs.

Balance ball for pregnancy

Yoga balance ball for pregnanet women

In the last trimester of pregnancy, sitting on a sofa, chair, or flat surface may be uncomfortable, so if possible, you can use a yoga ball as an office chair. It will support much the pelvis, lower back, and spine.

Sitting upright on the ball can also stimulate the pelvic muscles to open, allowing the baby to sink into the pelvis and prepare for delivery.

How should women sit during pregnancy?

Make sure you are still sitting on a stable and comfortable ergonomic office chair. You should also have good lumbar support and adequate back tension. If you have the best chair, it will support the weight of your upper body and lower back, keeping you comfortable.

When you remain busy with work that requires sitting for a long time, you should also take a break from time to time.

If possible, walk around every 30 minutes or so. In addition, be sure to adjust the height of the office chair to match your desk. Sit close to the table.

Keep your shoulders, neck, arms, and elbows neutral. If you are three months pregnant, you can also choose a balance bar; and ensure the ball is at the right height.

 Ultimately, when a woman is pregnant, she needs to keep her spine aligned while sitting, so she should find a position that requires the least effort. It is essential, but to properly adjust your body during pregnancy, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Most importantly, when sitting, make sure your shoulders are relaxed and neutral. Your hips must also be in contact with the back of the chair. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your knees and hips are at a 90-degree angle.

Lean forward slightly. When maintaining a posture, make sure that your ears are aligned with your hips and shoulders. It is called a neutral position.

Avoid some sitting mistakes during pregnancy

When sitting, also make sure not to bend or lean forward, as this will put extra pressure on your stomach. When I need to work on a computer, you should try to bring the monitor and keyboard.

In addition, try not to sit on an office chair without a backrest and not put extra pressure on the lower back. It is essential if you are going to sit for a long time. This way, you will not sag, and your legs will not fade when you sit down. Adjust the seat height if necessary!

As we have already pointed out, it is essential to maintain your posture during pregnancy. Although there is a way for you to sit comfortably during pregnancy, there are some things you should avoid.

Never try to cross your legs when sitting—crossing your legs while sitting prevents blood flow. It can eventually cause swelling of the ankle and varicose veins. It can also cause imbalance when sitting.

Try not to twist your waist when you must turn around. Whenever you need to grab something around you, try rotating your entire upper body or rotating the chair gradually.

Therefore, any decent ergonomic work chair allows you to rotate and rotate the wheels 360 degrees easily.


That’s it, our simple guide on how to sit comfortably in an office chair during pregnancy. Although pregnant women often complain of low back pain, this is usually caused by a sudden change in sitting posture during pregnancy.

The term is nine months. We know that simple tasks such as standing and sitting can become difficult due to your weight gain during pregnancy. However, it is not difficult to find comfort when you understand how to sit in an office chair during pregnancy.

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