Steelcase Gesture vs Embody – which is better?

When it comes to the top most popular furniture brands in the market, Herman Miller and Steelcase are at the forefront. Many users are interested in a comparison of two famous office chairs, Steelcase gesture vs Herman miller embody.

Both ergonomic office chairs provide excellent lumbar support and have plenty of features like armrest height options and tilt controls.

The most noticeable difference we observed in both chairs is the backrest.

The Embody is different from the Gesture because it has a Backrest made out of rubbery canvas material that supports your muscles when you move or bend.

On the other hand, Steelcase Gesture uses traditional foam padding.

One of the biggest reasons that most people may pick Steelcase Gesture is because it offers a superior seat adjustment and better arm width adjustment to accommodate different sizes of people.

The Embody vs Steelcase Gesture battle is one of the most hotly contested in ergonomic furniture. So it’s important to know

which one is better for you.

In this article, we will compare both chairs specifications, comfort level, adjustability, pros, and cons as well other features in order to help you make your decision easy.

Comparison based on features Steelcase Gesture vs Embody


Dimension 28 x 27 x 38.25   23.63 x 29.05 x 44.5″
Weight limit   51 pound 57 pound
Max weight capacity 300 pound 400 pound
Seat Width 21.25   20” inches
Seat depth 15 – 18″ 15.75″- 18.5″ inches
Warranty  12 years 12 years + “lifetime warranty on frame”
Material Recycled Material Textile
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The Embody’s seat is made up of four layers of materials. The back has a soft mesh that provides breathability, a thick cushion to provide comfort.

You may prefer to embody if you’re a bit wider in the waist because it provides a pretty large seat.

Embody comes with a waterfall-edge design that increases blood flow to the extremities and prevents fatigue, which’s good for the office worker who sits on a chair for long hours.

The seat of embody is more supportive than plush, that’s why some people may feeling pinching on their butts because of its pixelated support.

On the other hand, Steelcase Gesture has less padding than Embody.

It has less than two inches of padding on the seat, still, it provides excellent comfort. It also comes with a waterfall-edge design.

Backrest & Comfort

The tall backrest of this Steelcase gesture offers excellent low and upper back support.

But the tall backrest of the Steelcase gesture chair may not be comfortable for some persons who are taller than 6’4 because it can cause pressure on their shoulders.

However, the backrest provides a comfortable shape during movement.

One missing feature in Gesture is it does not allows you to lock the chair in an upright position. Because of it’s Some peoples are not liking the Gesture.

On the other hand, when we look at Embody Backrest it’s also tall, but it’s not adjustable.

However, it’s designed to fit a wide range of people. But one negative aspect we saw in embody is that there is no lower back adjustment.

Embody is not a good choice if you’re looking for an ergonomic office chair with adjustable lower back support.


Before starting comparison of armrests one thing you should know about the armrests is when the arms are not flexible enough they cause muscular strain in the shoulder.

Steelcase Gesture and Embody both chairs provide adjustable arms.

When we look at Gesture, it gives you 4 ways to adjust the width, height, depth, and pivot of the armrest, it means you can move it in all direction.

The same applies to embody, which allows you to adjust the arms narrow, wider, higher, lower.

But one important feature missing in Herman Miller Embody is the lack of an arm pad adjustment option. 


The Herman Miller Embody comes in one size, while the Herman Miller chair Aeron comes in three different sizes. But embody is designed in one size to fit a wide range of people.

It has a maximum height range from 42-45” and provides excellent seat depth adjustment of 15-18”, so it’s good for those with longer thigh bones can also adjust the seat to suit their needs. 

Embody chair weight limit is 51 lbs which can bear up to 300lbs. Just like embody, gesture chair comes in one size fits most users.

Many different postures were incorporated into this design. They are similar when it comes to height and seat depth.

However, the difference is that the Steelcase Gesture chair is capable of supporting a heavier weight capacity of 400 lbs as compared to embody 300lbs weight. Big and tall people will have no problem with it. 


The Gesture and the Embody are both intelligently designed chairs of premium quality.

Seatbacks of both chairs are made from fabric, which poses the risk of staining over time. 

The Steelcase Gesture Chair is available in both regular and upgraded leather that can resist this wear and tear.

This upgrade not only protects against staining but also ensures the product will last longer.

Steelcase Gesture is a little bit heavy chair, built with a strong metal base that provides long-lasting durability.

When used in the day-to-day, the Embody is more durable. The metal and polycarbonate surfaces make the Embody feel very solid.

But when it comes to the Gesture chair frame, the lifetime warranty is its strongest point, which wins the battle of durability.


The Steelcase Gesture chair can be purchased with an optional headrest, while the Embody has no such option.

The Embody height adjustment is a fair trade-off for people who prefer headrests.

However, if you are someone who prefers to use a full headrest during playing games, then a Gesture chair might be your best choice.

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Both companies provide a 12-year warranty as well as strong customer service.

But Steelcase has one of the best warranties. What’s so special about the Steelcase Gesture chair Warranty?

This high-quality ergonomic office chair has everything you need to feel supported in any position.

It includes foam padding, arms, and casters, which are all covered for 12 years, and a lifetime warranty is provided on the chair’s frame.


Steelcase Gesture and embody come with a five-point wheelbase that glides well on hardwood floors, tile, or carpet. There is not a huge difference in both chairs’ wheels.

The only difference is that the castors on the Embody have roll-away resistance. This can help break it if starts rolling away.


When we compare Gesture vs embody in terms of colors they both are offering several different color choices.

Herman miller embody chair is available in 42 different colors, and Steelcase gesture offers 38 different colors.

Return Policy

Steelcase and Herman Miller chairs are known for their sturdy build, so it’s no surprise that they offer an amazing 30-day money-back guarantee.

It shows how confident they’re about their products. However, in the Steelcase Gesture, there is a condition for return policy that the chair must be returned in original foam with full packing.

Steelcase Gesture Pros and Cons

What we like

  • The backrest provides excellent lower back support
  • The Arm pads are soft enough and provide 4way adjustment. It means you can set the arms according to your comfort, for example, when you’re typing.
  • Lifetime warranty on chair’s frame

What we don’t like

  • The chair does not lock in the upright position
  • High-price chair.

Herman Miller Embody Pros and Cons

What we like

  • The seat of this ergonomic chair is breathable and padded, making it more comfortable for long-term use
  • This ergonomic office chair has a pretty large seat that fits most people and gives you options for seat depth adjustments
  • Long-lasting, durable material

What we don’t like

  • Lack of lower back adjustment
  • Lack of arm pads adjustment

Final Thoughts

A depth comparison between Herman miller embody vs gesture ends here. In the end, now ask yourself which one is better for you?

You can choose Steelcase Gesture or Embody according to your need and budget. Both chairs come in the top list of the best ergonomic office chair.

If you’re looking for a comfortable office chair with high-quality premium material, then Herman Miller Embody is one of the best options.

If you’re suffering from sciatica pain and want the best ergonomic office chair, then Steelcase Gesture is best, it has a superior backrest, provides good lumbar support.

It’s up to you which one you choose. I hope this blog post will help you in making the decision.