Steelcase Leap vs Think (Comparison based on features)

The Steelcase company is one of the most notable office furniture manufacturers.

After being active in this industry for over a century, they have developed an ergonomic chair that can help alleviate back pain, sciatica pain and promote better posture which makes their chairs so prominent among companies today.

The best two Steelcase office chairs on the market are Steelcase Leap and Think. They have not only amazing support and comfort but also modern-looking designs that make them some of our favorite pieces in any office space.

Both Steelcase office chairs are the top high-quality ergonomic office chair.

which one is better for you: Steelcase Leap or Think?

It’s hard to choose because both are comfortable office chairs. But to make your decision easy we are going to explain the benefits, drawbacks, and differences between Steelcase leap vs think.

In the end, you will be able to pick the best one for you.


Steelcase Leap

Seat Height: from 16” inches to 20.5”

Seat Width: 19.25”

Seat Depth adjustment: from  15.75” to 18.75” D

Distance between Arms: from 12.75″ to 20″ inches

Arm Height from the seat: 7” inches to 11”

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

Steelcase Think

Seat Height: 16.5″ to 21.5″

Seat Width: Max 20.25″ inches

Seat Depth adjustment: from 15.5″ inches to 18″

Distance between Arms: from 14″ inches to 21.25″

Arm Height from the seat: 7″ inches to 11″ inches

Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

Material Leap vs Think

The Steelcase Leap chair offers two different material options to match your needs, leather, and fabric.

The fabric material keeps your chair well cushion at all time, provide excellent comfort, flexibility and breathability.

Steelcase Think also offers leather and fabric material but one thing that really makes Steelcase think to stand out is the 3D mesh. Which is perfect for any user who is looking to stay cool at work.

Sitting in one spot all day can lead to humid conditions. The 3D mesh of this chair will provide breathable air circulation, which helps to deal with these issues.


Adjustability options are one of the important factors in any office chair.

The height of the chair, armrests, seat angle, and tilt all need to be adjusted properly so that you can be comfortable while sitting at your desk.

If any of these aspects is not set up correctly, the result is reduced productivity and discomfort all day long.

Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap chair is a smart, intelligent office desk designed to better your workday. When you lean forward the backrest will stiffen and support your spine so that it won’t sag from sitting in an unnatural position for hours at a time.

It also means less physical strain on muscles which can cause pain or discomfort while seated upright all day long.

But what about when we need to move around our desks?

The LiveBack technology provides back support as you move around the chair. Leap provides an easy-to-follow manual for ergonomic adjustments located under the arm pads.

Steelcase leap chair provides adjustable back tension that helps to reduce lower back pain and it also offers height-adjustable lumbar support.

When you change your leg position, the Leap chair’s flexible seat will move with you so that it can reduce pressure on your legs.

Steelcase Think

Steelcase Think chair also comes with LiveBack Technology.

As Steelcase leap has excellent lumbar support, the Steelcase Think chair also allows you to adjust the lumbar support and provide adjustable arms.

So what’s the difference between them?

Steelcase leap chair has a tension knob that lets you adjust it based on your lower back firmness and needs. Steelcase Think chair isn’t quite so accommodating but still provides plenty of support.

Both chairs offer adjustable seat depth. Steelcase Leap has a seat depth that can be adjusted from 15.75″ to 19″ and Steelcase Think seat depth ranges from 15.5 inches to 18 inches.

Steelcase Think chair offers a wider seat than a leap chair. The Steelcase Think chair is perfect for big and tall people. With a seat width of 20 inches, the seat can easily accommodate those who have wider hips.

Both office chairs also offer adjustable height. However, the starting range of seat height is a little different.

The Leap’s seat height is adjustable from 15.5 to 20.5 inches. And the Steelcase Think chair height can be adjusted from 16.5 to 21.5 inches. Another thing I want to share with you is it has a limited recline option, the chair can go up to 123 degrees.

Comfort level Steelcase think vs Leap

Both office chairs offer a comfortable experience for hours.

Both offer lumbar support adjustment, a comfortable backrest, and the 4D adjustable armrests of the Leap and Steelcase think chair allows you to fully customize your sitting position.

The seat pads in both office chairs are less than two inches thick, but they still provide great comfort. This shows the quality of the seat material.

The Steelcase THINK office chair has a customizable design that blends into your surroundings. The 3D knitted mesh material gives you better breathability and airflow to cool off during those long workdays.

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Steelcase Think comes in a simple design with adjustable lower back support. The chair has flexible plastic grids that cover 3D mesh seat material allow for better airflow so your bacn stay cool in hot summer. Steelcase Think seat and backrest width are wider than leap.

On the other hand, when you see Steelcase leap’s backrest is designed pretty tall and narrower. For those who are looking for a new desk chair that won’t leave any scratches on your floor, Steelcase leap is the perfect match. With its heavy-duty nylon material and durable design, this chair will be easy to move.

Weight Capacity

There is no difference in the weight capacity of both chairs. Steelcase think and Leap both have a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Both chairs comfortably fit large and heavy persons.

One of the many features that make these two chairs so awesome is their one-size-fits-all design.

The Leap is also available in an oversized chair that can accommodate up to 500 pounds.


Both the leap and Steelcase think are the best ergonomic office chair.

These two office chairs provide lower back support, height adjustment, and excellent seat comfort.

But again the question comes here which one is a better chair?

So it depends upon your personal preference. Most people love 3D knit mesh material if you’re also one of them and want a breathable seat then go for Steelcase Think. But you have to compromise on tension adjustment.

However, if you’re looking for a high-quality chair with adjustable back tension, adjustable arms, and more adjustment options that suits your workspace and lasts for a long then our recommendation is to go for Steelcase top rated chair Leap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is new Steelcase leap comfortable?

Yes, the Leap office chair is designed to encourage a healthy work cycle and is ergonomically sound. It is designed with a balanced and ergonomic seat pan for your back.

The leap office chair is not only environmentally friendly but also a stylish chair.

Is Herman Miller or Steelcase better?

Yes, both are leading manufacturers of ergonomic office chairs. Both have strong warranties in the industry.