Tempur-pedic tp9000 Office Chair Review

Are you looking for a Comfortable Ergonomic Chair for your office or home?

Sometimes finding a comfortable chair is too tricky because there are many products available in the market, and if you choose the wrong chair, it will affect your posture.

So that’s why the best way to start is with a brand you know and trust, like Tempur-pedic.

As you know, Tempur-pedic is a trusted name for comfort. The most attractive aspect of the Tempur-pedic chair is its memory foam. This type of soft memory foam gives you more comfortable even you’re sitting for long hours on a chair. That’s why we also recommend this chair to pregnant women.

Tempur-pedic tp9000 chair is highly comfortable, lightweight, and provides good lumbar support, which is good for sciatica pain.

Why Ergonomic Design Chair?

Because The Ergonomic design provides excellent comfort to your body, and research has shown that good ergonomics can boost work quality.

In this review, we’ll deeply analyze all the specifications of tp9000 to solve all the questions you have about the Tempur-Pedic chair.

So let’s start.

About Tempur-pedic

As you know, this is an American Brand founded in 1992. Tempur-pedic is most famous for his Mattresses and pillows. They also won the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) award in 2009.

The NASA certification of their materials is just one example of how Tp9000 has been able to create furniture with the best quality and latest trends in mind, which makes them a leading manufacturer.

After becoming the leading manufacturer of Mattresses and pillows, they started to work on Office and home furniture; the best example of their expertise in the furniture market is Tp9000.

Tempur-pedic chair designed for whom?

This product is the perfect fit for office workers who sit for long hours and suffering from chronic pain. But probably not just for Office workers.

If you’re a student or lover of games, you will love this chair because of its comfortable seats. With the additional weight capacity, this chair is a good choice for people who need a little extra seat room.

Tempur-pedic TP9000 Mesh Task Chair Review

Tempur-Pedic TP9000 Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Executive Chair

Tp9000 comes with a one-touch height adjustment, so you can easily change it according to your need. The leather used in this chair is very durable, and it will last a long time.

Tp9000 is made up of high-quality foam, which is good for your back, and you feel comfortable sitting. You will feel cool when sitting on this chair because of its mesh material.

The high back design of this chair provides good support to your neck and head. Tp9000 provides you with armrests adjustment; you can adjust narrower, wider according to your comfort.

And the rolling casters of this chair will smoothly roll on your carpet. If you spent long hours sitting on a chair, this chair is a perfect choice for you.

Specification of Tempur-pedic tp9000:

Tp9000 comes in Black colour. The frame material of this chair is Alloy Steel, the chair is made up of faux leather, and it has a mesh back material.

The weight of this chair is 39 pounds, and the maximum weight capacity is just 250 pounds.  It means Heavy persons may not be able to sit on properly this chair, Due to its incapacity to support them.

This chair has a height adjustment range of 17.5″ to 21.5″.

Seat dimensions are 20.1 “W x 24.8 “D, comfortable for every person.

Back dimensions: 21.7W x 27.6H

The overall dimensions of this chair are 37.7-40.2 “H x 26.8 “W x 26.8” D.

Tp9000 chair comes with ten years of warranty.


How much comfortable tp9000 is?

As you know, Tempur-pedic mattresses are well known in the market because of their high-quality memory foam, so they are using the same material in the seats of their chairs.

The chair provides a comfortable seat cushion, and a key feature of comfort is the mesh back of the chair, which improves airflow. This feature makes this chair a million times more comfortable; even you work all day. 

Lumbar Support

We recommend users, whenever they are buying any office chair must check their lumbar support.

Why do we prefer Lumbar support?

When you sit on an office chair with good lumbar support, it relieves back pain and maintains your spine. Chairs without lumbar support can cause chronic pain and bad posture over time.

Tp9000 has an excellent implementation of lumbar support, suitable for people who work for long hours. It also has a fantastic backrest, and the back can be moved slightly outward.

Armrests tempur-pedic tp9000 chair armrests

Arm pads of Tp9000 provide good comfort for your elbows and forearms. But the real question comes here how much adjustable?

TP9000 chair has an adjustable armrest. You can easily adjust it up and down, and armrests can be broader/ narrower according to your need.

And the good thing is arms are not attached to the seat back, so if you don’t like arms on your chair, you can remove it, and re-setting is also too easy.


The height and tilt tension of the chair are both adjustable, and the chair has 360-degree swivel, tilt, and lock features. The knob is on the bottom of the chair, so you can easily adjust the tilt tension.


Most of the Office Chairs delivered to you with large box you have to assemble it.

Sometimes assembling the chair is annoying for most people, but you don’t have to worry about assembly because assembling the TP9000 is simple. It just takes you 10 to 15 minutes to assemble.

Here is the instruction you have to follow:

  1. you have to push the wheels into the starbase
  2. place the gas lifter into the base
  3. add armrest
  4. Now assemble the chair by placing it on the gas lifter.
  5. Finally, place the backrest into the chair.

Note: Please make sure you tighten the bolts correctly.

  • Cool,breathable memory foam
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Cheap price
  • Back no longer hurts
  • weight limit
  • adjustment is limited


As I mentioned, the adjustment and weight limits are limited. It is not only with tp9000.

Tempur-pedic all chairs tp8000 and tp7000 all have a limited weight capacity of 250 pounds. So if you have an issue with its adjustment and weight capacity. Then we have a good alternative according to your need.

So check out below:

The best option with all features is

STARSPACE High Back Big & Tall 400lb Office  Chair

STARSPACE Big & Tall 400lb office chair review

This chair comes with a clean and straightforward design. It has a large cushion and heavy-duty design, making the chair a perfect fit and can bear up to 400 pounds.

The chair’s top-notch materials give it a fine design as well as superb comfort. STARSPACE Office Chair is made upon an ergonomic design.

It has a comfortable high backrest and good lumbar support, and the chair’s rolling casters are smooth as like Tempur-pedic tp9000 have.

In this chair, you can control the resistance you feel when pushing the back of your chair. You can easily increase or decrease the tilt tension in the StarSpace office chair, and the price of this chair is similar to tp9000.

If you are looking for a chair with a 400-pound weight capacity, good adjustment features, so this option STARSPACE Office Chair is good for you.

Final Thoughts

After reading the complete review of tp9000, now you have a good idea about chair specifications, comfort and pros, and cons.

Now let’s discuss final thoughts about Tempur-pedic tp9000. As you know, Tempur-pedic is a familiar brand, and they are providing trustworthy services for many years. They provide 10 years of warranty.

So if want to buy a comfortable, high-quality, lightweight, ergonomic office chair with a high-quality memory foam cushion for your office or home. So our recommendation is to go for Tempur-Pedic TP9000 ergonomic mesh mid-back executive chair.

It is an excellent chair Tempur-pedic is providing you. And the best part is this chair is cheaper than other chairs with lots of unique features.

Make sure about weight capacity because some peoples have a problem with a weight limit and some have not but according to satisfied customers and our research, most have not to issue with it. But it depends upon you. We hope our review will help you make the decision.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Tempur-pedic chair designed for whom?

The perfect fit for office workers who sit all day and suffer from chronic pain. But probably not just an office supply- it’s also great for students, gamers, or anyone looking to get a bit more comfortable when sitting down.  

What is the function of the Tempur-pedic Mesh Office Chair?

Tempur-pedic Tp9000 is a multi-functional chair. You can easily lock the chair at your desired height to fit your body size. It also allows you to adjust the width and height of the arms

What makes this chair different from other office chairs?

The design is completely different from other office chairs. Because Tempur-pedic has a lot of experience in making furniture like the Tempur-pedic Mattresses.

How comfortable is Tempur Pedic Tp9000?

The fabric of the chair is a breathable mesh fabric that allows air to circulate freely. So, you can sit more comfortably on this chair without feeling hot.
The seat and back of the chair also use a breathable mesh material that allows air to circulate freely, which prevents you from feeling sweaty in the summer.