Why exercise ball is used as a chair in offices

Exercise ball as office chair is becoming more and more popular worldwide, especially those who work at home.

The reason why they like to use this kind of chair? Exercise balls can be used as chairs in the office by those who want to improve their circulation and maintain a certain level of physical fitness while having fun at work.

Why do some people prefer to sit on an exercise ball instead of an office chair?

It might seem strange to some, but sitting on an exercise ball instead of a traditional office chair is the perfect way to keep fit even when at work.

For example, using the exercise ball as a replacement for a regular office chair makes you change your seating position naturally all the time and forces you to sit upright without leaning forward.

This more natural seating position is suitable for pregnant women to improve their posture because it allows you to maintain good posture while avoiding pressure points or discomfort in your back that are common among people who spend hours working at their desks every day.
However, this type of activity can also be hazardous if it is not performed correctly or if certain precautions are not considered after taking up this new habit.

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Can anyone use an exercise ball instead of a traditional office chair?

Doctors or therapists might recommend using this type of chair to build up strength and improve posture in the upper body and core muscles.

However, it should be noted that if you suffer from any medical condition such as knee pain or sciatica, before deciding to replace your current office chair with an exercise ball, it would be advisable to consult your doctor first.
Consult your doctor before using an exercise ball as a chair in the office if you have any of the following conditions:

  • 1. High blood pressure
  • 2. Pregnancy
  • 3. Recent injury/surgery
  • 4. Neurological disorders.

What are the benefits of a ball chair?  

Some benefits of using an exercise ball as your office chair: 

  • Firming up one’s backside – very important for a good posture.
  • Maintaining a correct sitting position which helps people to avoid being fat or having obesity-related diseases.
  • It helps you to burn some extra calories since it makes you sit upright rather than slouching on a regular chair. In other words, it also reduces body fat percentage, therefore, creates stomach muscles.
  • It offers a low-impact workout so even if you spend a long period of time on this chair, you will not be at risk of getting injuries or joint pains.
  • The exercise ball provides good lumbar support if one maintains a correct sitting position on it.
  • Sitting on an exercise ball makes you sit up straight and improves your posture.It helps to stretch out the hamstrings and strengthen the core muscles because you have to balance yourself in order to stay upright. This also reduces lower back pain. Moreover, such exercise helps to reduce anxiety and stress.

How long should you sit on an exercise ball at work?  

It is recommended to use the exercise ball for at least half an hour to an hour each day if possible.
If you cannot sit on it for an hour, then even 15 minutes of balance time can be beneficial. Because sitting on it for too long can make you feel sore in your lower back and middle of the spine.

When using this type of chair, the main thing is not to slouch to keep your back straight and avoid straining yourself unnecessarily.

Also, please do not allow children around the ball since they will find it fun and might play with it or attempt dangerous games on it. Moreover, when getting up from the ball chair, one has to take two steps back to get off properly instead of simply standing up by putting all their weight on just one leg to get up.

Final Thoughts

The exercise ball is not meant for everyone. However, it can be a healthy option if you switch from a regular office chair to an exercise ball.

Such a chair can improve one’s back and core strength, prevent obesity-related diseases by firming up one’s bottom muscles, and help maintain good posture.

As well as using this type of chair has been found to reduce mental stress and anxiety because to keep your balance, you have to focus on what you are constantly doing.

But before taking such a step, make sure you consult your doctor or physical therapist first since some people might find it difficult to sit on this kind of chair due to their medical condition or other reasons mentioned above. We hope that this article will be helpful to you.