What Gaming Chair does shroud use? [utlimate guide]

The streamer is your new favorite gaming hero. With their help, you will be able to beat even the toughest of games with ease. Every gamer knows that following the streamers is a great way to get some tips on how they should improve their own gameplay.

You might even find yourself mimicking your favorite social media personalities when it comes time for an important match, or trying out different performance-enhancing accessories just because one of them seems cool.

One of the most popular streamers, Shroud uses a high-end Aeron chair to deliver his viewers an immersive viewing experience.

In this blog post, We’ll go deep into who Shroud is and what gaming chair he’s currently using along with buying a guide that will help you figure out what to think about before purchasing a gaming chair.

About Shroud

In the world of gaming, some players stand out from the rest. These elite gamers have mastered their skills and taken on challenges no one else has ever accomplished.

One such gamer is Shroud his real name is Michael Grazesiek, a Canadian player who has been breaking records and winning tournaments for years.

Shroud’s talent was recognized early in his gaming career when he was a part of the Manajum and Exertus E-Sports Entertainment Association Leagues.

Shroud is not only one of the most popular gamers in the world but also one of the best players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

Shroud was vital to Cloud9’s success in past years. In 2017 they were able to secure second place at ESL One Cologne. Shroud also streams himself playing games live on a daily basis so that fans may watch him play live or catch up on previous installments.

What chair does Shroud use?

In recent months, Shroud has upgraded from the Maxnomic 9 Pro chair by NeedforSeat¬ģ to a more expensive and luxurious model called Aeron.

The Aeron chair is a true symbol of innovation. It’s design and durability make it an attractive choice for gamers all around the world, who can enjoy ultimate comfort while gaming with friends or family members from across town.

Shroud gaming chair Herman Miller Aeron

Shroud Gaming chair

Aeron was the first chair to be designed using scientific research on human factors. The moment you sit in an Aeron, it feels like a dream.

You’ll know that you’re sitting in something special; your body will thank you for making this investment. The Aeron chair was designed in the 1990s by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf.

It is made of molded plastic, with a breathable mesh back that allows air to circulate. The seat has no padding so it can be adjusted to suit any body type. The armrests are flexible, allowing them to be raised or lowered as needed. 

It’s made for long hours and offers a healthy ergonomic design to keep your back supported while you’re winning that next match.

With this gaming chair, you’ll be able to play until the sun comes up without even thinking about how sore your back might be. And it doesn’t matter what type of gamer you are- whether you prefer PC or console games. 

Shroud gaming chair is just for you. Put on some headphones and enjoy the comfort with our new range of gaming seats from Herman Miller. In the ergonomic chair industry, this chair is considered the best gaming chair on the market due to its ergonomic design that keeps your spine aligned while you sit for extended periods of time.

Key features:

  • The greatest feature of this gaming chair is that it comes with a 12-year warranty.
  • The PostureFit tilted pelvis is designed to keep your spine in a more natural position which has been shown to reduce back pain. 
  • Herman Miller uses Pellicle Mesh material in Aeron gaming chair which is the perfect material for keeping you cool and comfortable while gaming. This material offers ventilation and durability, so no more hot game sessions.
  • The chair is made with a fully adjustable seat that can fit any body type.
  • Tilt Limiter can be set to one of three postures. Tension control lets you adjust how much effort it takes for the chair to move into that position so you don’t end up uncomfortably twisting your body while trying to get comfortable.
  • Smoothly rolling wheels.
  • Customize your body type with a wide range of sizes and shapes.
  • It comes pre-assembled
  • Exceptional design and build quality
  • PostureFit SL helps you maintain a healthy back
  • You can set the tilt limiter to three different positions to settle your posture.
  • Providing ultimate breathability
  • Too expensive
  • Additionally, add-ons cost additional money

Let’s explore Aeron chair


If you’re looking for a gaming chair that’s designed to keep your body healthy, then the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is perfect.

This sleek and minimal design chair offers 4 different combinations so users can choose one from four unique color options; each offering their own distinct style but all coming with health benefits as well.

It’s easy to move the lightweight and portable body because it is a durable yet flexible material. It has a waterfall shape design, which ensures sufficient oxygen supply to every part of your body. This allows gamers to stay focused and alert for hours on end.

PostureFit SL

When you want to play games for hours on end, your back mustn’t hurt. The Aeron Chair with PosturFit SL is an investment that will save you from back pain.

The patented PostureFit SL system on this gaming chair provides customizable spine support so you can find your ideal position while sitting upright.

This chair has all of the features you need to make sure your back stays happy while gaming for hours on end, including high-density foam at your lower back; a mechanism that encourages sitting upright without slouching.


The chair is designed to follow the natural curve of your back with no extra padding or support, so you can sit comfortably. The sleek and stylish metal frame makes it lightweight and easy to move around in any room while still strong enough.


This chair will withstand way more than any other type of seat. With its durable material side, the backrest upholstery is made from Pellicle Mesh that’s tough enough to take on any situation you throw at it and still be gentle against your skin with their softness.

All these high-quality parts ensure an enjoyable experience throughout all hours spent sitting down in this chair.


The chair has 4D adjustable arms, you can raise and lower and move, left and right it according to your personal preference. Its adjustable arms reduce the amount of pressure from your wrist.

Variety of colors

If you’ve been searching for a gaming chair that would fit your style and needs, the Aeron is worth considering.

This product can be customized to meet any of your unique preferences with different colors and materials, so it should have no problem finding its perfect match. Whether you like bright or dark hues, there are plenty of options available to suit every taste.

Multiple Sizes

Herman Miller Aeron is a fantastic ergonomic chair for a wide range of body types. It has three sizes, so it can be adapted to fit the needs of small-framed people or larger framed people.


The main disadvantage of the Herman Miller Aeron chair is its high price. So if you have a good budget and want to invest your hard-earned money in a chair that will last for years and be one of the best investments possible, then the Aeron by Herman Miller is what we have recommended.

However, if you’re searching for anything comparable to Shroud chair that won’t break the bank but still provides decent quality and comfort at a lower price, then look at some alternatives below.

Alternatives to the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

It’s more than likely that Shroud selected the Aeron chair because he places a high emphasis on ergonomic support. If like Shroud you want a chair that will offer your superior support throughout your gaming sessions, then there are a lot of great options aside from the Aeron.

If you’re in the market for something a lot cheaper, but relatively similar to Shroud’s chair, then the Furmax Mid Back Lumbar office chair is a good choice.

Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair

The Furmax High-Back Racing Style Gaming Chair is a great option for gamers looking to improve their gameplay with the help of a high-quality gaming chair. Furmax is a great option for those people who want the Aeron style gaming chair.

This ergonomic racing-style seat has been designed with your needs in mind, providing great back and neck support while also being adjustable to suit any height just like Shroud’s chair.

The chair is perfect for those who need a durable yet light-weighted alternative. The maximum weight capacity of this one is 300 pounds which will ensure your safety and comfort as well.

It comes with an adjustable seat height that can be adjusted from 16.5 “-19.5” inches. It has a 90 to 150-degree backward angle tilt, so you can enjoy games for longer periods without experiencing back pain or neck strain.

This gaming chair also comes with smooth-rolling caster wheels and features easy lock-tilt adjustment. 

Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Massager Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest

Nokaxus Gaming Chair with Massager Lumbar Support and Retractible Footrest

This low-cost gaming chai will make your days more productive. The Nokaxus gaming chair is a comfortable and convenient place to sit down while playing your games.

Not only does it have plenty of features to keep you comfortable during long hours at the computer, but its retractable footrest also helps promote blood flow in your legs while giving them some much-needed relief. This means no more feeling sore after playing video games all day.

It has adjustable armrests that you can move according to your needs, and there are many different colors available, so find one that suits your personal style best. 

Flash Furniture Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Flash Furniture Desk Chair with Wheels | Swivel Chair with Mid-Back Black Mesh

If you want a chair that looks just like the one Shroud uses, but with an affordable price tag under $150 , then notice the Flash Furniture Mid-Back gaming chair.

This soft, pretty attractive upholstery can be used in any room thanks to its attractive design as well, not only does it have thickly padded armrests which provide excellent support when working or playing games on PC for long periods of time- but also has built-in lumbar cushioning so lower back pain isn’t something that’s ever going happen again.

 It has an adjustable seat height and tilt mechanism to fit your preferences, as well as a control for the degree of resistance, tension, and rocking.

There’s no need to worry about getting tired from sitting too close on one position either, thanks to this product’s easy movement between standing up straight desks because it offers 360 degrees worth shift potentials that promote good circulation by offering extra anti-fatigue cushioning wherever needed most (like thighs!).

The mesh panel design is not only attractive, but it also provides the necessary airflow to keep you cool and comfortable as well. If your living room needs a new chair or recliner option with some modern flair, this one has all of that and more.

Should You Buy Shroud’s Chair?

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair that will make your gaming sessions more enjoyable, go for it. But first, think about the budget because Aeron is an expensive chair. If our recommendation is based on price, then it would be best to go for budget-friendly options.


Shroud is a popular streamer and professional gamer who uses the Aeron chair from Herman Miller. This ergonomic gaming chair is known for its unmatched comfort as well as superior support which makes it an excellent choice for gamers, programmers, or anyone else looking to spend hours on end in front of their computer screen.

If you want to be like your favorite streamer, why not get a very similar chair? But if there is a budget issue, then go for close alternatives.

We hope we give all the answers about what chai does shroud use. If you like it, then please share it with your gamer friends.