Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive

Steelcase chairs are considered to be the most comfortable modern look design chairs on the market. When you purchase a Steelcase office chair, you’re not only buying the furniture but an investment that will last for years.

With their ergonomic design, modern look, and durability they make them worth every penny.

But the question comes here why are Steelcase chairs so expensive: Steelcase chairs are expensive because they have a quality design, comes with the strongest warranty, and provide great ergonomic support.

Steelcase chairs are not only designed to be aesthetically pleasing but also come with a strong warranty.

They are very popular in the office environment and can be found in many workplaces across the US. All of these factors contribute to why Steelcase’s are more expensive than other brands.

What do you think Steelcase chairs are overpriced just because of the strong warranty? Indeed no.

There are a lot of features that make it more expensive than other chairs. In this article, we will take a deep look at why are Steelcase chairs so overpriced?

Brand History

If you do not know Steelcase, they are an American furniture company that was founded in 1912. Steelcase has been making office furniture for over 100 years, made cool inventions that make work environments safer.

One of their first patents was a metal wastebasket, which meant safety at the workplace. The company has been recognized as one of “The World’s most admired company three times in a row by Forbes from 2018 to 2020.

They have also won many awards, including their most recent 2020 Civic Award.

Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive?

There are many factors that go into the answer, so we’ll explore each one.

Quality Design

Steelcase has been at the forefront of using quality materials in all its products since its founding back in 1912.

They use high-quality textiles and finishes on all of their products, from the standard to custom surfaces. This allows them to be highly customizable for each individual.

The benefit of high-quality textile and fabric in chairs is you can feel the soft and comfy touch of it. It helps your skin touch directly with the fabric, which makes you more comfortable. The soft material makes every part of your body not hurts from sitting for long hours.

They also provide the most stylish designs that can be seen across all industries from healthcare to corporate offices and even schools and universities around the world. All of these factors contribute to why Steelcase furniture is more costly than other brands.

Ergonomic Support

Sitting on an ergonomic office chair that is properly adjustable through seat height, lumbar support, or arm position improves posture as well as overall health by reducing pressure points and increasing blood circulation.

They are made to promote healthy ways of working. The ergonomic design of the Steelcase chair prevents you from lower back pain, they provide excellent lumbar and armrests support.

Steelcase Top-rated chairs Steelcase Gesture and Leap chairs come with LiveBack Technology in the Backrest, which allows users to flex and gives support to the spine when you change posture. The benefit of this type of support is you can feel like a king while sitting on it.

Strongest warranty

Steelcase provides one of the best warranties in the industry.

This type of warranty is a strong indicator of high-quality manufacturing and a key indicator that Steelcase has a high satisfaction rate from its customers. This means you don’t have to worry about the damage/wear and tear of the chairs.

Are Steelcase chairs worth it?

Many people ask are Steelcase chairs worth it? The answer to that question depends on what you are looking for.

Do you want ergonomic support and comfort? Is your priority price or longevity of the office chair in mind?

Steelcase chairs are worth the investment because of their durability. If you’re looking for an office chair that will last for years then Steelcase chairs are worth it. Steelcase chairs are ergonomically designed to provide the best possible support for your back, allowing you to work comfortably all day.

Personally, I have been using my Steelcase chair for the past two years and haven’t had any issues so far.

How long do Steelcase chairs last

I would say that the lifespan of a Steelcase chair really depends on how often it’s used, how you maintain your Steelcase chair.

Any of these chairs can be used for up to a decade or more with proper care and maintenance, but everyone’s usage will differ.

If you maintain the chair well, it may last much longer than 10 years. They’re made with attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

So there is no need to worry about replacing your office chair every couple of years because Steelcase’s product will not wear out as quickly.


We hope now you know well about Why are Steelcase chairs so expensive. We understand that Steelcase chairs are overpriced but they’re worth it. They are built to last and have been rated as some of the best office chairs on the market. 

If you want a durable long-lasting office chair then the Gesture and Leap by Steelcase will be best for your needs. These chairs can help reduce back pain and improve productivity.

The features like adjustable tilt lock, synchro-tilt, or seat depth adjustment make them easy to use too. You’ll never regret investing in this type of quality product. 


How much are Steelcase chairs?

The price range for Steelcase chairs ranges drastically depending on what model you’re looking at. For example, the most well-known office chair on their list can cost anywhere between $400 to $2000.

Are Steelcase chairs overpriced?

Steelcase chairs may cost more than other office chair brands, but the durable materials and luxurious design make them worth the extra investment. Other office chairs which are made of cheap materials will come with a different price point.

What is the best Steelcase office chair?

One of the best Steelcase chairs is Gesture and Leap, both are the Steelcase top-selling chairs in the market. Because they are made of high-quality material and have a stylish design, and save you from back pain.

What is Steelcase 3D knit?

Steelcase 3D knit is a fabric that has transparency like other mesh materials but with thickness so it feels more comfortable. They use this material on their Steelcase Think and Steelcase Leap chairs.

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